keith71_98's X-Men #14 - First to Last, Part 4 review

Yost's story is starting to come together...

Chris Yost's "First to Last" story arc has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. It started out strong before hitting a small speed bump last issue. This issue gets back on track and sets up the story's coming conclusion. 

Yost has crafted his story with a heavy reliance on flashbacks. When used properly, flashbacks really add to a story and this issue is a good example of that. The flashbacks are as equally important as the present day scenes and Yost's tricky task of putting them together works better here than last issue. This issue does seem a little cluttered and loose in places but I did get the feeling that Yost was reining everything in. 

The team of Paco Medina and Dalibor Talajic again split the art duties. I generally like Talajic's flashback work best but the main thing is that both artists blend their work together effectively. Both are strongest when drawing action sequences and there are plenty to enjoy here. Some of the characters depictions are a tad inconsistent but overall the art works. 

After last issue I was concerned that this storyline had lost it's steam but I feel better now. Yost's story really picks up in this issue and while the art won't blow your socks off, it is a nice compliment. I'm just hoping next issue brings us a strong cohesive conclusion


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