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Too much going on; at least it's pretty 0


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Yost's story is starting to come together... 0

Chris Yost's "First to Last" story arc has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride. It started out strong before hitting a small speed bump last issue. This issue gets back on track and sets up the story's coming conclusion.  Yost has crafted his story with a heavy reliance on flashbacks. When used properly, flashbacks really add to a story and this issue is a good example of that. The flashbacks are as equally important as the present day scenes and Yost's tricky task of putting them together wo...

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Still Not Done? 0

I was sure this would be the last issue in this arc.  This is a nice, long arc and I'm glad they're taking their time to develop it. I'm guessing the next book would have to end it.  I almost wish they'd just focus on "then" because the fight in "now" is getting a little old, but I guess it maintains a sense of urgency.  I'm very curious to see what happens.  It'd be very interesting if THIS is what sets in motion Schism rather than something in Uncanny X-Men.  After all, the Evolutionaries are ...

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X-Men #14 0


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Say What!!!?? 0

Cover:   Considering I hate Emma Frost, I'm biased... but this cover is absolutely terrible... I think it ruins the feel that the last four issues' covers have had and I feel they should have stuck with a little more of the Evolutionaries in this one.  At least the white is a nice sight.  The Good:   This story is absolutely amazing and the art has been stunning; it has been an extremely crazy ride from the beginning and even though it has a lot of action, it never once sacrifices any of it at...

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