keith71_98's X-Men #13 - First To Last Part 3 review

A solid story that takes a serious step backwards...

X-Men #13 is the third part of Chris Yost's "First to Last" storyline. I've thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments and had fairly high expectations for this one. And while there is some enjoyment to be found here, this issue lacks the polish and overall satisfaction of the previous two. 

Yost does move his story along and sets up the next issue well. But the book can feel uneven and sometimes disjointed. You can tell this is a transition issue focused more on the "then" than the "now". Unfortunately the two time periods don't always move back and forth seamlessly. But even with these flaws, Yost sets the table with enough potential to keep his story intriguing. This issue lacks the structure and flow of the first two books but it's still entertaining. 

I really enjoyed Medina and Talajic's work in the first two books but there is a noticable drop off from last issue to this one. The art is all over the place. It features some inconsistent character designs and at times looks rushed. I can't help but feel dissappointed in the look of this issue. 

There is still reason to follow this story. I trust Chris Yost and believe there are some better things ahead. But sadly the art looks hurried and the story spins it's wheels in places. This isn't a terrible issue but it isn't exactly a step forward


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