omertalvendetta's X-Men #12 - First to Last, Part 2 review

Best Thing To Happen To The X-Men In Years....

While I think the Revolutionaries are cool, their simplistic design hinders the epicness of this cover.  I do, however, like the parallels, though I find them a  little too colorful.  Good cover, overall, though. 
The Good: 
The story is actually original and compelling. It's really cool to see the story told both in present and in the past, and it is certainly cool to see how it doesn't actually retcon anything.  The way that the X-Men strategized their actions was impressive and reminiscent of the good old X-Men days.  There's so much good in this issue it's hard to believe that this could be preceded by that atrocious (by comparison, it really does pale) crossover story with Spider-Man.  The action sequences are awesome, the characterizations are well done and in point with what we're used to.  Lastly, the ending has me wishing the next issue was here already! 
The Bad: 
While I did pick up the Giant-Size X-Men that came out a few weeks before this, I feel that this having it's beginning take place there really hurts the solidarity of this issue.  It's not enough to take a star off, but if I hadn't read that Giant-Size, I'd be at a loss.  The biggest problem with this is that I almost didn't actually pick up that one-shot, and I would've been really mad that not a lot of this would've actually made a whole lot of sense.   

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