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Collects : Professor X And The X-Men (1995) #01 - Uncanny X-Men Annual (1982) #19 - Wolverine '95

Professor X - Jean Grey takes a cab to Professor Xavier's School for the Gifted. Jean Grey uses her Telekinesis to save the cab from getting hit by a car that ran a red light. Jean arrives at the school and meets the X-Men: Professor X, Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, and Beast. The next morning, Jean is late for the Danger Room mission and watches the rest of the team train instead.

Soon after that, Professor X sends them on their first mission: to stop Magneto at Cape Citadel. The X-Men show up at Cape Citadel and take the fight from the army. After much team work, the X-Men defeat Magneto...for now.

Uncanny X-Men -

Wolverine - Two stories: "Lair of the N'Garai" - The cairn appears once again on the grounds of Xavier's and Wolverine and Nightcrawler take the fight to the demon's own dimension. "What the Cat Dragged In" - Wolverine and Maverick have to rescue Deadpool from a sinister group who are experimenting on him and try to find a cure to the Legacy Virus.

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