jaadu's X-Men #1 - Rubicon review

Awesome Art-- dry story

WOW! I'm sooo happy that X-men FINALLY gets a second series :D ! but I have to admit that ya LOVED the art-- but the story wasn't too exciting... I mean the plotline overall is pretty good, but the way it's presented is a little boring...... Let me just say that this is prob my favorite time for the x-men, I mean the team includes the coolest mutants! Well anyways the story includes Magneto (EVIL again) and his plan with the asteroid M ..... and yeah the Acoltyles are out for attack... I have to admit that the story does get a little bit better later....... but overall yeah liked it kinda but not something I'd read over and over......

Posted by wsst

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    Preface:This is THE first X-men comic ive read in my life. So i was excited to see what all the buzz was about.Quick Review (no spoilers):So i have to say that i really enjoyed this issue. the word that comes to mind was "fun". It was, however, very wordy but i guess that is to be expected being written by Chris Claremont. The art is incredible thanks to Jim Lee and you can definitely see how this is one of his acclaimed works. The story revolves round none other than Magneto and he was my favor...

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    This is a comic whose reputation truly precedes it. The X-men here are approaching the incredible peak of their popularity. Jim Lee was the wunderkind setting the world on fire, and Mr. Claremont was still venerated as the definitive X-men writer. This is also a book knee deep in the 90's. Many of the books from this decade did not age well, but this one doesn't fare too badly. The story concerns the classic X-men/Magneto rivalry, with the interesting twist of a new team of evil allies for Magne...

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