haydenclaireheroes's X-Men #1 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 1 review

The X-men of a case of the Vampires


This title had a lot of Variant covers and all of them were great.


Pixie is having lunch with a non power Jubilee. Pixie had some nachos catch her eye and she said she would be back in a second. Then a man explodes and blood goes all over. Cyclops sees what happens on the tv and knows this is trouble. Jubilee has to take some test. They find out that Jubilee has some sort of virus because the blood went into her system. Everyone who was there is turning into a vampire. Pixie, Wolverine, and Angel have to check this out and find them. Jubilee is also obviously getting the symptoms. The X-men have to know defeat these vampires.

Best part

I liked the little lunch in with Jubilee and Pixie I thought that was cool. I thought this story was going to be too much like Twilight and boring. But this story actually surprised me.

Worst part

There was none.


The art reminded me of Uncanny X-men and I really like that art. So, I think the art was pretty good.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!         

Posted by inferiorego

I'm so sick of vampires... I don't know why they feel like they need to restart this series again. I will not read this.

Posted by VZA

I wasn't feeling this issue although I will have to agree that the art was good.

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