harleyquinnhawkgirl's X-Men #1 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 1 review

Let the war of the mutants and vampires BEGIN!

Story: The story starts out with Pixie and Jubilee hanging out together. Jubilee is no longer a mutant and has been ignored lately. The day quickly goes awry when a sucide bomber for the vampires detonates where they are. Jubilee now has a virus that the bomber set off. Downtown Wolverine, Pixie, and Angel are scouting out for a hideout. Wolverine finds it and it soon turns into a vampire versus mutant battle. Wolverine finds out that they've established a beachhead and that Dracula is in town. 
Writing: This story kind of feels like a quick big story arc to throw into the Marvel universe. I am a vampire fan and I was looking forward to this issue but something felt missing. 
Characters: I wasn't impressed with the character roster in this issue. It was cool to see Jubilee but I felt Pixie was just a random choice. I was actually looking forward to seeing Emma Frost but she wasn't  in it. 
 Dialogue: There wasn't anything too special about the dialogue in this issue, but I did like the dialogue about Dracula. 
Art: It felt cartoony. 
Cover: I thought the cover was really good except that over half the characters on the cover weren't in the issue. 
Penciling: This issue felt very cartoony. I was hoping the art was going to be more serious. 
Coloring: I thought the colors should of been darker and mysterious not bright and cartoony. 
Favorite pages and why. 
4: The explosion was pretty cool. 
15-17: I loved the fight scene. 
20 and 21: The beachhead was cool. 
Reasons to and not to pick up. 
Reasons to pick up:
To see the vampire war begin and because this is a new X-Men title. Some pretty good references to Dracula and nice action. Also to see Jubilee.
Reasons not to pick up: The art really didn't work here and this story is being rushed. Also this wasn't the greatest cast. 
Verdict: Don't pick it up. 3 OUT OF 5. For this rating I was on the fence on wheter to say barely a 3.5 and barely pick it up or not.
Posted by TheWiFiJedi

Great review!

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