jlat89's X-Men #1 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 1 review


Vampire Terrorists are the new things that are going to plague the X-Men.  What's their agenda?  Why are they doing this?  Who will star in this series?

What You Need To Know.

 In a marketing ploy to draw new audiences Marvel introduces a new series and new arc that features...VAMPIRES!  Anyway, this is also the first straight up X-Men titled book in years.  Victor Gischler and Paco Medina are the heart of the creative team, writer and artist respectively.  

The Good.

 I might be a little ashamed to admit this, but I was kind of a fan of the story.  Obviously there are some cliche moments and there are going to be flaws, but I found myself turning the pages with wonder and curiosity.  I will admit that the whole concept of a new X-Men team interesting with all those promo's.  For a first issue it's actually pretty strong and it has the potential of drawing in different readers because of the vampire appeal, which is handled pretty good, better than I thought it was going to be.  
The art is good.  Obviously there different degrees of fantastic art, and this fits the issue fairly well.  It's not distracting so I enjoyed some of it. 

The Bad.

 Vampires...ehhh.  I hope there's more substance to this story other than marketing.  
For an X-Men book that's supposed to show new X-Men or whatever.  Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Pixie and Jubilee show up.  
While the art wasn't horrible it reminded me of another X-Book artist, who shall remain nameless.  Also some of the proportions were off and it was weird.  

The Verdict.

 It's definitely not the best X-Book of the week.  With that being said, it was a decent attempt and I'll probably pick up the second issue because it did leave me slightly curious.  If you're a new reader and want to hop on the X-Men, then obviously this is a prime time as a new series starts.  IF you're a steady reader of X-Comics, this isn't essential,  but it could lead to a good series so I guess it's worth a look.  


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