darkwolverineusmc's X-Men #1 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 1 review

Mutants, Vampires, oh my!

   Issue number one of the anticipated Curse of the Mutants story arc! With all things going good for our favorite team of X-gened mutant friends, it seemed as they could finally let their hair down and enjoy the Heroic Age, but think again. 
   The story starts off with Jubilee and Pixie enjoying the fresh San Francisco air and sun, when a large vampire shows up and takes off his clothes, exsploding in the process and doucing Jubilee in blood. Back on Utopia Dr. Nemesis runs a few test on Jubilee to check her out and make shure she's okay. Cyclops questions her for a while, asking what did the assailent look like, what did he want. They soon discover the truth, that the masked assailent was a vampire! Cyclops sends Wolverine and some others out to seek vampires, in order to gain some answers on why they launched such an attack. While in the dead of night, other people subjected to the blast feel a voice calling them. That voice, Xarus, son of Dracula. It turns out that the vampire that exploded was carrying a synthesised virus used to enduse cravings of vampirism in a host, bringing them right to the vampires. Their target was Jubilee, but not because of who she is, but because of who she'll bring. Back on Utopia, Dr. Nemesis discovers that Jubilee has been infected by the virus, and is growing weaker by the moment, so Cyclops decides it's time to send out Wolverine and Colossus to bring in some vampires to possibly make a cure, while outside Jubilee forces herself to enjoy the sunset. 
   A good read, gaining a 4 in my book. Victor Gischler really concocted quite a tale involving a vampires vs mutants theme, and having Jubilee as the first casualty of war, pretty smooth. The artwork is real nice, but the cover is so-so, not that it's bad cover, it just doesn't really scream," hey, vampire and mutant throwdown inside"! Overall, it's a real good arc so far, so go read it, and enjoy. Nice readings.


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