sora_thekey's X-Men #1 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 1 review

Bloody! Yet not that interesting!

 Bloody! Yet not interesting!
Marvel has released a new X-Men book as an obvious attempt in getting new readers with a new number one. 
The Good
The thing I would like to point out first of all is that Paco Medina's art is beautiful. It does remind me of Deodato's art somehow, but I like the deeper attention to all the color tones on the art provided by Marte Garcia.
As far as the story goes, the fact that Jubilee has received some kind of spotlight in so long makes this book better. Although I am a huge Marvel reader I was never big on the Blade and Vampire stories, so I did not know at all that vampires looked the way they are portrayed in this book. It is a huge step up from vampires that sparkle though!
Jubilee will become a full vampire in the next issue. Hopefully when this happens in the next issue I will be more interested...
The Bad
There are some inconsistencies in this book that does not concord with the rest of the books. In X-Men: Second Coming #2 Storm told Logan that she would no longer share a drink with him because he does not regret what he did with X-Force. In this issue they were talking normally as if that conversation had not happened. I liked the fact that the book focused on Jubilee but her character came off feeling weird. It was probably the Vampire vibe in her but I just didn't like her in this issue so much. 
I've always said that a good issue is never good unless the cliffhanger is good (Except if its the ending of a story arc). This cliffhanger was not good, Cyclops saying that the X-Men have a Dracula problem is not a cliffhanger.
The Verdict - 3 out of 5
This book has potential, but Curse of the Mutants has a very slow start. I hope this gets better after the second issue.
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