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X-Men #1: How The Mutants Are Cursed!

"But You Won't Be Around To See It!" - Wolverine. When a suicide Vampire comes down to San Francisco, he infects 23 humans and one ex-mutant. That mutant was Jubilee! Now with vampires arising from all over San Francisco, the X-Men are going to have to stop them. Death will come to some X-Men, Vampires will emerge out of others, and a new (old) enemy will come. X-Men #1 Vampires isn't for the faint of heart and there will be blood and death! With Deadpool artist Paco Medina there will be a whole bunch of action! 

The Good

X-Men Vs. Vampires! Again?!? A classic however new story in the making, The X-Men will be ready for this threat. Or will they!?! With Jubilee carrying the "Vampire" virus inside of her, there is no doubt that she will eventually need blood to survive. But who will be her first victim? With the aftermath of Second Coming, no mutant or human is safe from Vampires! With the reference of Storm becoming "Bloodstorm" from Mutant X #1, this issue gets better and better. Artist Paco Medina (From Deadpool Dark Reign) did an awesome job on the art of X-Men #1! His art shows style that gives certain readers what they want. For ones that like laughter in the art, Paco gives funny expressions and weird (however cool) sketches. For readers that like more hardcore things, he draws heads being cut off, and blood exploding out of every area. Like I said, there is something for everyone in his art. The action was awesome and the story flowed right with the action and everything else!   

The Bad

The return of Vampires, wasn't something I was really expecting. Sure this was a great issue and I like the story, however Vampires again? The X-Men fought vampires so many years ago, should they really have to do it again? 

The Verdict

Numbers Are Increasing! 
In the end, things won't be looking so good for the X-Men!With Vampire numbers growing more and more, The X-Men will have to fight to kill. Well, they aren't humans, and besides the X-Men kill more often anyway. So The art, Story and dialogue all flowed together perfectly. Overall this is a 4 out of 5. 
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