parasytefma's X-Men #1 - Curse of the Mutants, Part 1 review

"No amount of bleach could erase that stink"

In a world where vampires sparkle and are conflicted with love, it was nice to see that X-Men #1: Curse of the Mutants brought vampires into a refreshing new light. Going into this I had no idea about a vampire story. I'm fairly new to actually buying comics so I didn't read into anything about this particular issue. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.


I don't want to give to much away, so here is a short summary.
The comic opens with with a bang... literally. A suicide bomber does what they do best in the middle of the day in a park. Pixie and Jubilee were there at the time. While Jubilee is caught in the explosion she isn't seriously injured, but it does cause something else to start happening. When the X-Men come to realize that the bomber in question was a vampire all hell breaks loose. Now it's up to the X-Men, as usual, to clean up this mess.


  • These vampires don't necessarily look like typical vampires.
  • To me, the art is very easy on the eyes and typical of any X-Men comics I have read.
  • The dialogue is pretty decent with the exception of some lines that didn't seem to fit.


  • Vampires have been warn out to the point of annoyance. Although it seems that Victor Gischler did a great job incorporating them into to X-Men universe.
Overall, this was a surprisingly great book. I am really looking forward to the next one on August 11, 2010.
Posted by Trodorne

Personally id would see this issue as something around a 3 or a 3.9. not quite a 4. it was an interesting issue to say the least about vampires. I for one am getting sick of vampires. I blame Stephanie Meyers. 
  Dialogue was not my favorite. but the art did make up for what i did not approve since this is not an official review. I think it would still be a pick up for any x-men collector. if your gaga for vampire stories than i would suggest to pick it up. 
   The overall story despite my own opinion is not too too bad. but as i said it lost marks with the vampires. but good review i have to say.

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