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Yay...Vampires 0

Vampire Terrorists are the new things that are going to plague the X-Men.  What's their agenda?  Why are they doing this?  Who will star in this series?  What You Need To Know. In a marketing ploy to draw new audiences Marvel introduces a new series and new arc that features...VAMPIRES!  Anyway, this is also the first straight up X-Men titled book in years.  Victor Gischler and Paco Medina are the heart of the creative team, writer and artist respectively.    The Good. I might be a little ashame...

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New X-Men Title, A New (Old) Enemy 0

It's been a while since we've had an official "new" X-Men #1. Is the battle against Vampires enough to warrant a new title?  The Good If you were afraid that after Second Coming (which hasn't officially ended yet) the X-Men would just sit around and do nothing, you don't have to worry. Things start out with a bang as a suicide vampire bomber explodes. If you've seen the preview, you know Jubilee was nearby and could possibly become infected. The question is, was she just an innocent bystander or...

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X-Men v3 Issue 1 0

Ah... X-Men. I love you so. I especially love that I am able to pick this up, have this chance, and know how far I've come. You see, I bought a trade of X-Men for the first time in December. It was from Claremonts New Age run. It was decent. However I knew I wanted to get into it, know the X-Men, and catch up to the current books. So I read. And read. And read. By the time Second Coming came around I had read over 300 issues of various X-Men books to have a full grasp of the situation. Luckily y...

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These Vampires Don't Suck 0

My reaction when the Vampire arc was announced was less than enthusiastic. I saw a marketing ploy and nothing else and expected suitably two dimensional writing. This issue, however, was a pleasant surprise. The artwork was great and the writing built up suspense and told a story in a way that was truer to the style of the X-men, then mere pandering to the vamp fad. While I'm not sold on the idea yet, and I expect a wave of money grab tie-ins. The way the X-men work best is when Marvel reels it ...

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Let the war of the mutants and vampires BEGIN! 0

Story: The story starts out with Pixie and Jubilee hanging out together. Jubilee is no longer a mutant and has been ignored lately. The day quickly goes awry when a sucide bomber for the vampires detonates where they are. Jubilee now has a virus that the bomber set off. Downtown Wolverine, Pixie, and Angel are scouting out for a hideout. Wolverine finds it and it soon turns into a vampire versus mutant battle. Wolverine finds out that they've established a beachhead and that Dracula is in town. ...

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The X-men of a case of the Vampires 0

Cover This title had a lot of Variant covers and all of them were great. Story Pixie is having lunch with a non power Jubilee. Pixie had some nachos catch her eye and she said she would be back in a second. Then a man explodes and blood goes all over. Cyclops sees what happens on the tv and knows this is trouble. Jubilee has to take some test. They find out that Jubilee has some sort of virus because the blood went into her system. Everyone who was there is turning into a vampire. Pixie, Wolveri...

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Grab the Popcorn 0

The X-Men are perhaps the greatest comic book entity of all time. They often have the amazing ability to turn a mirror on ourselves, and through allegory, show us how we can both hurt and empower our fellow man, especially when they are different from us. This however, is not one of those times, and that is okay.  Curse of the Mutants is the comic book equivalent of a big Hollywood movie. It is bright, flashy, and filled with sophomoric touches, and you know what I loved it. the colors are brigh...

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"No amount of bleach could erase that stink" 0

In a world where vampires sparkle and are conflicted with love, it was nice to see that X-Men #1: Curse of the Mutants brought vampires into a refreshing new light. Going into this I had no idea about a vampire story. I'm fairly new to actually buying comics so I didn't read into anything about this particular issue. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.   SummaryI don't want to give to much away, so here is a short summary. The comic opens with with a bang... literally. A suicide bomber doe...

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Un-fun, uninspired and ultimately unnecessary 0

Maybe the title of my review is a bit harsh, but after reading the first issue of X-men, I can’t help but think what the point for this book to exits is?   I suppose the same could have been said for Astonishing X-men when it first arrived on the scene, but unlike Astonishing (at least the Whedon/Cassaday run which was amazing) this title brings nothing new or exciting to the world of X-men. Cover/Art Really like the cover, it’s bold and the great coloring really makes it stand-out. The artwork ...

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X-Men #1: How The Mutants Are Cursed! 0

"But You Won't Be Around To See It!" - Wolverine. When a suicide Vampire comes down to San Francisco, he infects 23 humans and one ex-mutant. That mutant was Jubilee! Now with vampires arising from all over San Francisco, the X-Men are going to have to stop them. Death will come to some X-Men, Vampires will emerge out of others, and a new (old) enemy will come. X-Men #1 Vampires isn't for the faint of heart and there will be blood and death! With Deadpool artist Paco Medina there will be a ...

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X-Men #1? It's like the 90's all over again. 0

100 Words Or Less The start of a new X-Men ongoing series pits the mutants against vampires. A suicide vampire bomber explodes himself in a populated public area and spreads a vampire virus that infects others, including dear Jubilee. With no more mutant powers, will she now be imbued with vampire powers? And who is responsible for the start of an epic war? So Then I Said... I'm an X-Men fan. I was part of the 1,000,000 or so that bought X-Men #1 back in the 90's and I'm one of the significantly...

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Bloody! Yet not that interesting! 0

 Bloody! Yet not interesting! Marvel has released a new X-Men book as an obvious attempt in getting new readers with a new number one.    The Good The thing I would like to point out first of all is that Paco Medina's art is beautiful. It does remind me of Deodato's art somehow, but I like the deeper attention to all the color tones on the art provided by Marte Garcia. As far as the story goes, the fact that Jubilee has received ...

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X-Men #1 Review 0

     A new Beginning for the X-Men. 20 Years after the last X-Men #1 (later to be renamed New X-Men, then back to X-Men, and now X-Men Lgacy) we get the gift of a brand new #1 as a jummping on point for readers old and new alike.With the beginning of a new book comes a new story and here we have "Curse Of The Mutants" when I first read that this was going to be the title of the storyline to kick this off I was pretty skepticle as I believe every other X-fan was because only teenage gilrs and ...

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Mutants, Vampires, oh my! 0

   Issue number one of the anticipated Curse of the Mutants story arc! With all things going good for our favorite team of X-gened mutant friends, it seemed as they could finally let their hair down and enjoy the Heroic Age, but think again.     The story starts off with Jubilee and Pixie enjoying the fresh San Francisco air and sun, when a large vampire shows up and takes off his clothes, exsploding in the process and doucing Jubilee in blood. Back on Utopia Dr. Nemesis runs a few test on Jubil...

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The Uneasy Streets of San Francisco 0

In an issue that's more a setup for future action than a stunner in its own right, we're reminded of the X-Men's relatively peaceful status in San Francisco and see a major change in Jubilee's life.  Oh, and Wolverine kills some vampires. Story & Script  There's not much to react to in this middling script from Gischler. He is moving pieces around the chess board to get to future action. The entire issue seems to be positioned just for Cyclop's final words, “We've got ourselves a Dracula p...

2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

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