Rebirth of the Original Mutant Messiah?

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Okay he may or may not be the first so called, "Mutant Messiah", but he definetly fits under the title. It's pretty unanimous that every Nate Grey fan hates that he was depowered, and because its Marvel we all know that he will eventually regain all of his abilities, but the main question is when and how. One option could be to use an alternate reality version, which they have used to restore US Agent with another realities Symbiote.Or when they used an alternate reality to help control stablizle his powers from eating away at him. In trutth it doesnt really matter to us fans how hes gets his powers back, just as long as he gets it back.

How do you guys think he'll get his powers back, or do you even want him to get his powers back?

Will he stick with the New Mutants or will he leave, and dust off his old Shaman title?

Or do you think he'll leave both behind and be forced to make the impossible choice of siding with either Wolverine and his school, or Cyclops' mutant revolution?

What do you want to see happen in Marvel Now?

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i want to see Nate, Cable, & Rachel form a team.

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