Nate/Illyana...your thoughts

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Rumors are circling the net after the last issue of a possible Nate/Illyana romance/hook up...
Your guys thoughts?

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I can't see these two getting together. All I can see as far as a relationship is either friendship, team up or Magik using Nate for her own ends! 

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First thing is I'm against it. Second thing is I see it as Magik being amused by Nate being riled up in anger.
Magik doesn't seem the type to be in relationships probably not wanting to open up to strangers. She's still coming to terms with herself after Rise of the New Mutants and she does feel disconnected with the world and has PTSD.

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Well they both have messed up childhoods, both very powerful (well Nate was), they both died and were to be used as tools by others. Nate was created by Sinister to kill Apocalypse and raised in AoA. Illyana was abducted by Belasco to use to help take over Earth and raised in Limbo. Plus her families bloodline was influenced by Sinister. So they can relate to each other. I wouldnt mind seeing something develop between them, be it friendship or otherwise. 

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