How is he the ultimate weapon against the immortal villain?

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I was just wondering how exactly X-Man is the ultimate weapon against the immortal villain, Apocalypse. I realize that X-Man's power levels are incredible and that he has a lot of raw power, but how can that overcome, for instance, Apocalypse's immortality and aren't there other characters who have sufficient power levels to defeat Apocalypse? Furthermore, Apocalypse has a plethora of other powers that can be of great use to him in a battle. I recall a fully-powered Apocalypse being more than able endure and withstand Stryfe's ferocious attacks in Messiah War.

Any thoughts? Just curious.

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No thoughts?


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Put simply, in the Age of Apocalypse Mr. Sinister created Nate for the sole purpose to over through Apocalypse so that Sinister could take over.

There is more to it but I don't have time to go into detain right now.

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@The Myth: Thank you for the response.

Understood, but I just don't see how X-Man's power set (telepathy and telekinesis) would be especially useful against Apocalypse considering the fact that Apocalypse has been shown to be at least somewhat resistant to telepathy. Furthermore, it appears that Apocalypse was able to handle most of the telekinetics that he encountered. *shrugs*

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Maybe X-man hasn't reached his full potential yet. There might be more to him than we know.

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@Edamame: If I remember correctly, X-Man holds the best feats for a telepath/telekinetic in the Marvel Universe, aside from Dark Phoenix. No other psychic has recreated a person from psychic energy (the "Madelyne Pryor" of the 1990s), or ripped Charles Xavier, the world's most skilled, if not most powerful, telepath, from the astral plane. At least in terms of telekinesis, Nate was an unparalleled talent before his de-powering. Also, Nate has already fought the Apocalypse of AOA, and held his own until Holocaust interrupted to get killed. Norman Osborn once claimed Nate could "go one-on-one with the Sentry", if that means anything in this age of comics. Scans of the X-Man vs. Apocalypse fight are probably available on Tumblr.

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@Edamame: One more note: Perhaps Apocalypse's immortality works on "Elves of Middle-Earth" rules, as in his life cannot end naturally, but he can perish at the hand of an opponent.

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@Edamame: From what I understand at his strongest Shaman Nate was much MUCH more powerful than stryfe. also that version of apoc was the version that was reborn using angles wings so hes stronger. the regular apoc got beaten by stryfe thats why he was in the position that he was in. nate was engineered to defeat apoc of AOA so sinster could take the thrown & because of nates involvement AOA apoc no longer lives. magneto in 616 has beaten Apocalypse before & even before his power up nate could take on Apoc. Shaman nate could kill/de throne apoc anyday.

& apocalypses immortality isnt really immortality he can be killed... in messah war he was on the brink of death he has to transfer himself to new bodys for that exact reason. he can live long & use various means & can probably be resurrected but over all hes not truly

Someone like Franklin Richards.. now that kid is immortal

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