Dark X-Men #3 Review, X-Man Vs Dark Avengers

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I thought this series was so irrelevant, i cant even think...... nice sales pitch though g-man i may pick up this issue alone because of you :P
lol i also remember that weird relationship with maddie....it was weird...cute and all kinds or strange x0

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book is awesome. straight up. always the way that a book this cool is also slated for short term (which helps it be better in a way though, having a definitive timeline sets a traditional story structure).

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I hope Nate Grey sticks around in Second Coming!
 Dark X-Men so far has been amazing!

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Nate Grey is pretty cool. In Wolverine & The X-Men's season one finale he appears ( If you haven't seen it... go now ) & perhaps he is going to have an important role in the upcoming story "Second Coming". =)
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I bet Sentry was crying following his confrontation with X-Man. I have to admit, a five-issue run is a wise idea.  Nate's relationship with Madelyne was extremely peculiar, I agree. I am not certain I would like to see where it leads. I wish Mystique could just cut loose. That would kick things up a notch.  Darn Nannites. DON'T DO THAT! Such a pain.

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I think it would of been cooler if Nate Grey would of made a different body for himself. Sort of like what the Doctor does in Doctor Who.
The fact that Mystique is tied down the way she is. It actually interests me in the series. For one, I want to know what it was that Norman had to offer her that got her to join. Two, I want to know how she breaks free.

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Dark Beast has been used to perfection over the past two-three years. He didn't get a lot of screentime this issue, but I'm so pleased he's being thrown into the fold.
I wonder if the the DXM will show up to lend a hand in Siege?

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The question to me is this: Will x-man join the x-men?

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wasnt this one epic though?
 i was kinda wondering about the tattoo also. The stories with Psychics tend to use the "mental self image" excuse, so i'll go with that.

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@Grendel: As long as Sugar Man isn't in the picture, I won't complain about Dark Beast.  But could he at least get a better name?
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@G-Man said:
" @Grendel: As long as Sugar Man isn't in the picture, I won't complain about Dark Beast.  But could he at least get a better name? "
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@CATMANEXE: What?  Are you saying you dig Sugar Man or you like Dark Beast's name?
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<---- president of the Sugar Man fanclub
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I for one hate Sugar Man and wish he never pops up in future X-Titles..EVER.
I have to say Marvel should bring back Sublime and take D. Beast as his host but they don't listen to me so...

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you probably dont need to worry, Sugar Man has never popped up in Marvel titles, with the sole exceptions
of X-Man (in an AoA return issue) and two issues of Cable, years ago. otherwise he was in AoA Gen.X
for four issues, and he was like one of alot of monsters that appeared there, in AoA or 616.
so the fact that you hate him is en passe' since he's not actually there. it would be akin to hating a concept for 
an unused character. but if it gets you that worked up, be my guest.
as for the name. Dark X-men, Dark Avengers, ect. thing is his name isnt Dark Beast. its Beast or Dr.McCoy.
they actually tried establishing it as the second. Dark Beast was just a title much like Dark Avengers is,
whereas they actually call themselves the Avengers, as not to confuse fans that might not understand
and need it simplified, especially those just jumping on. the adjective somehow got into comics later as a title 
he was called however. 
curious though, if one already doesnt like most of the core characters in advance of a book, why
read it in the first place, much less have a let down opinion? its sort of illogical in my opinion..
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I love how G-Man was like "eeek"on the Madelyne Pryor-Nate Grey relationship ! 
Whatever, it's a greeat review !
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That sounds like a fun issue.

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@CATMANEXE: The reason I might read a book with characters I don't really like is because it's sorta my job to read comics...but like I said in the review, I really like this book.  I think Paul Cornell is a good writer. 
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I know we haven't seem much of him (besides AoA and X-Man) but to me he is a very bad concept of a character along with other poorly marvel characters.
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get a t shirt already 
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I do wonder if this is a "backdoor pilot" for a new X-Man series.

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lol. G-Man u silly lol.......

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Tight review G. Never been a fan of Nate Grey but like some of the other users on here, your vid review has convinced me to check it out. Thanks.

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Nate made out with a clone version with his mom? Eeeeeew.

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Okay first off, no love for MIMIC!? Blasphemy!  
Secondly, the team isn't willing to fight? Uh noooooo, the teams conflicted amongst themselves, which is preventing some members from joining the fight. Not lazyness.
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G-Man, you're quite cheerful in this video.

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@Media_Master: Dude sadly to see I read the entire thing and he obviously did more than that, if it would been MAX Imprint she would be pregnant with his son, which so freaking scarry and nasty
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 " A common belief is that he is the Age of Apocalyse's version of Cable, this is not true. "
What? He isnt?.... WHAT?
Nate Grey... Nathan Summers... so NO?... Who's the Cable of AOA then?

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After the Siege is done with will Nate escape from Dark Beast's lab or wherever he is at the moment. 

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that card has bad art

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