Could it be true? Nate Grey is returning!

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I'm not entirely sure about this but at the end of X-Man's bio it says 

Nate returned to our world and became a shaman and sought to bring peace to the world man and mutant. Nate was called to save the world from an almost unbeatable threat. An alien being called Harvest who wanted the earth's energies. Nate found a way to dissolve himself along with Harvest into energy that merged with every person on the planet, just in case more of Harvest's people came to Earth. Since Nate's powers where seen as impure by the aliens, they left the Earth alone. Nate became one with everybody on Earth and he lost his own body. Nate became psychic energy and died.   
(Blah, blah, blah)

Nate Grey will return and be targeted by the Dark X-Men . 
Is it true?    

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