Bringing back X-Man

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I was wondering if you could how would you bring back X-Man?

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He forces his mind and essence to the boy he met in the field though he is just staying the boy's subconsciousness.

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mimic12 said:

I was wondering if you could how would you bring back X-Man?

Ok were did well leave off oh yeah you said Forge made a machine that turned the energy of X-Man back into flesh and blood very very interesting.
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several ways actually but the easiest probaly is to go back in time and stop him from sacraficing himself but if he does that the earths gone

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This is actually a story I am working on right now. I am so excited with what I have now, including a new take on how the character Nate Grey should be handled that I am considering hiring an artist to pencil it for me. For my own personal collection (which i would share over the net of course) and perhaps for a pitch to Marvel. If your going to spend the money, try an make it work for you right?

I just started a blog and Nate Grey was my first subject, please check it out and lend your opinions if you can.

Also if you are a good artist and you'd like me to consider you first, please contact me immediately at

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X-Man = Hotness = Love


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Something with Shadow King doing something crazy with the Astral plane and X-man pulls something crafty and...BAM he's back all of a sudden

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According to the X-Men panel at Chicago Comic Con, the five issue series "Dark X-Men" coming out in November has something to do with X-Man.  So, maybe bringing him back is already in the works.

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From CBR's report:  
 "Dark X-Men" by Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk is a five-issue series starting in November. "This also has something to do with an X-Man named... X-Man"
It's possible that they're purposefully using the name to lure out the old X-Man fans.  It wouldn't be the first time they've done something like that.  I never really saw Nate Grey as a member of the X-Men, but I'm not an expert on his adventures: was he ever addressed as X-Man during the series, or was it just the title of the book?

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Yup hes coming back to life but as dark beast said u had gather all the pieces/particles of him first but im hyped as i have all X-man's issues on my pc .

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Copy & pasted shamelessly from CBR:  
 There was one “Dark X-Men” character that Cornell could talk about in some detail though. He's not a team member, he's a target. His name is Nate Grey AKA X-Man. The son of an alternate reality's Jean Grey and Cyclops, Grey first appeared in the 90's X-Men storyline “The Age of Apocalypse.” At the close of that storyline he found himself in the mainstream Marvel Universe where he put his vast mutant powers to work as a hero. During one of those exploits it looked like Nate sacrificed his life to save the world from alien invasion and “Dark X-Men” marks his return to the Marvel Universe.

 “He's near omnipotent, the mutant shaman, and he's terrifying to my cast of characters,” Cornell said. “That’s because he's exactly what they don't want in play right now: a very powerful, charismatic, alternative leader of mutant affairs. And a Summers, to boot. X-Man is dreaming his way back into the world, the deadliest possible hero.”

 Unfortunately for the cast of “Dark X-Men” they’ll have no choice but to confront Nate Grey because he quickly becomes part of an important mission that Osborn tasks them with. “The story is called ‘Journey to the Centre of the Goblin’, and, though it won't become clear until towards the end, that's exactly what it becomes about, getting inside Norman Osborn's head,” Cornell revealed. “On the way, we encounter the world haunted by Nate, the cult that S.H.I.E.L.D. became, and the twisted psyches of our four leads, which skew the story in ways that might surprise you.”

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I truly hope this is the actual Nate Grey not some cheap facsimile. Having him back would indeed be great assuming Fraction doesn't get to touch him of course. 
I liked what Cornell and Co did with Captain Britain wouldn't mind seeing them heading up this otherwise ridiculous Dark X-men spiel. I just hope that Marvel doesn't pull a Captain Marvel/Skrull at the end of this.

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how? taking names thats how. he'd pwn Sentry and the Dark Avengers foremost,
Ares beating being obligatory of course.

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HES COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Ok, he gets shot and ends up back in time then.. Oh erm, hold on a minute

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This is the best news ever. Just today I found out geocities was closing, so i had to take down my old x-man website i made way back when i was 18. It needs a lot of love but now that he is alive again I can not wait to redo the page. I'll post the link here when im done. Oh an I am grabbing dark x-men comics tommorow! I am so stoked, my favorite x-man is back. I can only hope they dont kill him right off. that would piss me off. I love the new image too.

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If I have read correctly(dont know much about Nate) he put his essence into every human on earth so I figure the way he would be coming back is: after a certain amount of people died, enough of his essence was released and while the peoples souls, spirits, essences, etc. go to whatever plane of existence will claim them, since X-man did not have his full essence he could not ascend or descend to where ever he was supposed to end up but after all those people died his essence began to collect itself to the point that he became more or less sentinent again and pulled his spirit back together and is now alive. This is just a shot in the dark and revolves around Nate dying the way I think he did but this is my input.
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I like x-man nd a want to know what is goin to happen once he's back, 
will he re-join the x-men or an x-team, 
continue on his own like before, 
help cable save the world one messiah at a time, 
or my particular fav. try nd turn the dark x-men into a kinda x-men-light
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I want to know how exactly he was brought back, he killed himself to save a planet. So wtf

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When he died he left a fragment of himself in the mind of every being on Earth.
I will be extremely pissed off if they don't bring him back in Dark X-Men. And by "back" I mean in the 616 reality; AoA is gone and, while pretty good at the time, should stay gone.
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I like X-Man back. Him against the Dark Avengers was great, especially his interactions with Sentry and Ares. And that time-sight thing was just nice to look at.


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