Who was the First Mutant?

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If Wolverine was alive to fight in the Civil War, The why is the Series with Namor called: Namor:The first Mutant...?

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I believe Namor was born before Wolverine.
Anyway, really, isn't Selene the first mutant?
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I'm sure this topic will be closed as it's not the first time this question was asked but yes Selene is the oldest mutant. Apocalypse is right there as well. 
Namor is called the first mutant because he was the first to have a comic series I believe.
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Its Selene by about... 7 thousand years. Apocalypse is in second with 3000. Then you got the likes of Exodus, who is 900 years old, before you hit the 1800s, when you get the likes of Sinister, Namor, Wolverine, Mystique et, ect. 

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Selene is the first mutant..............   
not sure why they say namor is....................................
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It's Namor The First Mutant (That appeared in Marvel Comics due to us retconning his history to make him a mutant) 
They only had room for the First Mutant part on the cover.
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@ebuchanan: Namor was the first in publication
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Technically Captain Comet, if we're going by publication history. I believe he was the first hero to use the "mutation" origin.

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@mattdemers: but he's in dc
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I thought Apocalypse was the first damit! O_O

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