The X-Men and the Mutant Situation in the Marvel Universe

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Are the X-Men REALLY doing all they can to mend human/mutant relations?? Let's think about it for a while. 
The most any normal joe and jane sees of mutants in the Marvel Universe is when one of the not-so-nice mutants blows up a gas station or creates some other big devastating catastrophe. Where are the X-Men?? They're either at the mansion or, now, on that big island near San Francisco when not trying to stop said big problems caused by other mutants. They're losing touch with humanity if you ask me, letting their enemies paint the picture for mutants as a whole. We don't get to see that aspect, like at all, the valid human side of this situation... well the side that isn't trying to exterminate them.
I know some of this (if not ALL) is meant to be allegorical about issues and subjects in the real world, like racial issues, prejudice against homosexuals, etc. But what seems to differentiate these groups from the mutants in the Marvel Universe, is that many of these groups didn't/don't rest on their laurels while letting jerkholes dominate the discussion in the public sphere.  
I dunno... 
Maybe this has become a result of the loss of Professor X as the leader/teacher of the X-Men. Because that was something he always seemed to be real big on, reaching out to humanity, and trying to dispell some of the negative publicity that guys like the Brotherhood/Apocalypse/etc. create. *shrugs*

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