The Fate of Mutantkind

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I predict that all mutants will perish if Marvel ever goes under.

Until then, mutants everywhere will live a life of suffering and persecution, especially if they're members of the X-men or their enemies who are also living a life of suffering but don't quite realize it because they think they're "hot sh#&."

On the bright side, there are 6 billion people on Earth (1 billion is 9 zeros) and if 2% are mutants then that gives us 120,000,000 mutants (if I did the math right). See? It's not so bad. Let's get them breeding! Start a mutant Lava Life web site and call it "Lava-X."

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I guess nobody cares about my prophecies.

I know I'm not the most accurate but I could at least get a few responses.

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