Omega-level Mutants

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I'm new to this site, but I have a vast wealth of accumulated knowledge of everything Marvel and I noticed that a lot of people in the other message forums for this topic are having trouble figuring out who is, and who isn't an omega-level mutant. So basically, this is a list of all of the definite and potential Omegas I can think of off the top of my head. Most are listed as their real names so as to avoid confusion, but some aren't. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them.

Definite Potential

Jean Grey

Madelyn Pryor

Nate Grey

Nate Summers


Rachel Grey

Gabriel Summers

Mikhail Rasputin

Illyana Rasputin

Jamie Braddock

Franklin Richards


Scarlet Witch

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u forgot ice man as omega

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Nighthunter said:
Not anymore.
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That list is completely wrong, there are only eight confirmed Omegas.

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omega is a really vague description doesnt really matter or show any real power lvl when ppl have power over different aspects of everything.

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Ice-man is on the list kinda near the mid-bottom. Also I made the list with optimum strength levels for the characters in mind. So Jubillee and Sunfire are both on the list even though they are currently depowered. Sorry if the list didn't fly with you, but the concept of an omega mutant is very sketchy to pin down completely and the list is definitely opinionated. I just meant the list as a starting point for anyone looking and just wondering. Hope it helped in some way, and if you have anyone you think should have been there and wassn't, or is and shouldn't be, feel free to post it.

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i don't think any mutant is an "omega mutant"

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fesak said:
"That list is completely wrong, there are only eight confirmed Omegas."
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Ok one problem with that since when is Sunfire an Omega level. Iceman is an Omega level, just look at him the Age of Apocalypse and in the Ultimate X-Men Bishop commented that he has unlimited potential. In the Messiah Complex he easily defeated Sunfire by stopping using his powers which were based on heat. So he can control all thermal reactions, now that's power.

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decibel an omega level?
gambit an omega?sorry but Gambit isnt,just compare him to "new sun" gambit (Gambit alternative version that IS an omega level)
Storm isnt too,i mean her powers arent without potential,she needed a machine to affect the world (on a story line with inteligent dinossaurs or something like that)
madeline pryor?dont know much about her,but i doubt
Iliana isnt an omega too,she is only very strong because she knows some magic tricks
mikahil?didnt Colossus nearly killed him once?(at Colossus mini-series)

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