Decimation Permanent?

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At the time i thought the decimation would be temporary. maybe it would lead to a couple of good stories and then it would get back to normal. but its reversal seems increasingly unlikely.

I thought messiah complex would reverse it, NOPE. then i was sure second coming would correct it but again, NOPE. then when they announced AvX i was again sure that they would fix it, but it looks like it wont happen again. so will the decimation ever be undone or are we stuck like this?

if it wont be undone then what the hell was the point in Hope? she is one of the worst characters to be introduced in a long time. so if she wont fulfill her role in being the "savior" then what is the excuse for her existence?

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Technically when hope showed up a few new mutants started showing up The Five Lights so it appears that the hex that Wanda used to rid the world of the mutant species is slowly wearing off.

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