Are Marvel mutants simply not meant to be?

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Mutants go on about how they are next stage in human evolution blah blah blah. However, if you look at certain facts, to me it seems as if the universe is screaming "sorry, not so... it ain't meant to be". Take the Legacy Virus for example.. it was made by a mutant (Apocalypse) and released by a clone of a mutant. Onslaught was the product of mutants. What happened in Genosha can (in a way) be traced back to Professor X (and killing his "twin" in the womb)... it had nothing to do with baseline humanity. Finally, the Scarlet Witch (a mutant) under the manipulation of her brother (a mutant) whipped almost all of them out. Again, a mutant did that.. not baseline humanity. It seems to be that mutants are their own worst enemies.. and if they are MEANT to be the "next thing".. then they wouldnt be on the verge of extinction... would they?

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I think mutants are basically on the screwed end of the screw driver.

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i think that their is a lot of hate and prejudice toward mutants so much so that even writers have a genuine dislike against them.. :) this prejudice/racism of real and imaginary ppl must stop.

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@castleking said:
" i think that their is a lot of hate and prejudice toward mutants so much so that even writers have a genuine dislike against them.. :) this prejudice/racism of real and imaginary ppl must stop. "
No way prejudice against imaginary people needs to continue. They are imaginary they don't have rights... except the copy right hahaha
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true just as mutants are their own worst enmey so are humans. I consider mutants humans  based on their reproductive patterns.Two mutants can have sex, mate, and produce human offspirng, and this is before the actions of the Maximoff siblings that resluted in M-DAY AND DECIMATION 
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To further explain my previous answer, I believe that (even though they're comic book characters) the mutants deserve every God-given right humans do because they're human too, but don't get those rights because they're different.

And that's terrible.

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What I find odd about 'no more mutants' is that just a few years before (when Grant Morrison started his run on New X-Men) Beast dicovered the E for Extinction code in human DNA.  Essentially they were saying that the human race was doomed to extinction because it was written in their genetics, and that therefore mutants really would become the dominant species... But since Wanda's 'spell', there's been no mention of mankind becoming extinct. 

Surely if homo sapiens are genetically coded to become extinct within the next few decades, and there are no more mutants then the Earth will lose a large portion of it's population?? :p

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Mutants in setting are the actual next step.  Even if they were eradicated they'd still pop up: its in human DNA to change, and in setting they are the next step. Its a logical conclusion as not only are the mutants existing, but they're also appearing on all continent from racies of people that havent had much genetic contact for millennia, except a little in modern times since the industrial revolution.

The whole 'no more mutants' thing was a plot point, and I very much doupt wanda's power over it will last much longer than the plot dictates.  (Though frankly I still don't see her as having enough power to affect something on a global scale for such a long time.)

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Maybe they aren't the next step in evolution....

I mean come on did you ever read Ultimate origins (yeah I know another Universe blah blah) Wolverine was technically the first mutant because of a virus that he got....
What if there's something along the llines to that end in 616....

Which is why "The Next Step in Evolution" hasn't been succesful?

Wanda said "No More Mutants" maybe destroing the chain/ virus taht made mutants what they are..........

I said "Maybe"!!!!

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 In nature, most mutations fail. They simply never replace the mother species because NEW doesn't mean BETTER. But in comics, with all those powers, they do have an advantage. However, in order to apply for "human" rights, they have to be human (makes sense or not?) and they make it clear that they are more than Homo Sapiens. So, in a court, defending a dog, a cat, a monkey or a mutant is the same: nonsense.
 With all that in notion, regarding that we are talking of separate species, each has the natural right to defend its own preservation. And humans didn't come all this way for nothing ;)

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