Which X-force do you like better?

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If you'd like say which you voted for.

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Change Domino for Deadpool and the newest incarnation would be perfect in my opinion

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2nd hands down!

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@Nighthunter: I love DEADPOOL! But your right, Fantomex is my favourite, Deadpool my 2nd  but i think they need a serious character. Yes sure Domino is not  wolverine serious but she wouldn't joke at the most inappropriate time. Not something you want for a secret killing team.
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Are we using roster or comic quality as the basis for our votes?  I loved the second x-force, but am really enjoying the new book.  I vote for the second one simply because we haven't seen enough of the new team for judgement to be passed.

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You missed Elixir for Team 2, and had Hellion joined that Team, it would have been perfect. As it stands, Team 3 is my favourite because of Fantomex and Deadpool. Even though I hate Angel, but whatcha gonna do?

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@FadeToBlackBolt: I wanted an even amount of members for each 
I love Deadpool & Fantomex. But i can't see them together. I mean Fantomex can be an ass & Deadpool couldn't keep a straight face in hell.  
Also I loved the classic X-force since i was young.
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@Fantomex100: No worries. I actually think they'll have some witty exchanges, providing it's written well.
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@FadeToBlackBolt: I hope so.
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@Nighthunter said:
" Change Domino for Deadpool and the newest incarnation would be perfect in my opinion "
I voted for the second team. But yeah, I love Domino, I wish she was in the New X-Force.
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I love all 3 of them in different ways and because they all have interesting team dynamics.
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@Backflip said:
" @Nighthunter said:
" Change Domino for Deadpool and the newest incarnation would be perfect in my opinion "

I agree Domino is a must character in the series. I also like Sage and Rachel Summers
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I like the military style of the 1st x-force, but nothing's better than the killing strike force that is the 2nd x-force. Epic book, I thought it had a great run.

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1st team...best ever

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Loved the 2nd series more than the original series. But with only 1 issue of the 3rd series (too early) but they are going up against Apocalypse. So awesome.  On a side note: Deadpool is a lot better in this book than I have seen him in years.
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i love the new team........... there has only been one issue out so far so its hard to judge though

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The first team. It's nostalgic and great. Besides I love the New Mutants.

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3rd I like DP, Fantomex, Archangel, & Psylocke I wish Daken was on the team though lol
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Very hard to say as we're only 1 issue into the 3rd roster.  After catching a few issues of Ultimate X-Men, X-Force Angels & Demons was my first real jump into comics so I may be biased.  Archangel is like in my top 3 characters so I am happy either way.  Apocalypse is another favorite of mine so X-Force can do no wrong in my book.  I do like the toned down Deadpool but I really do miss X-23.  I would also like to know what Warpath is going to do now.  Anyone have any insight on that?
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Im a child of the 90s so I gotta go with the originals

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X-23 isn't really a fit for the more suave current incarnation, but Domino would have been a nice holdover.

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love deadpool and like wolverine, but i'm not a fan of anyone else on the new team.

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You forgot the late 90's team which included Siryn , Warpath , Sunspot , Boom Boom (Meltdown at that moment) and Dani Moonstar. They were my favorite team

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I loved the strike force version of them, but I'll always be nostalgic for the original lineup. It felt like the team was a family, and they got a lot of experience from Cable.

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The first X-Force had Cable as a member.
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The original was the best under Faban Niceiza
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3rd Team. :D

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The 2nd. Although i love them all.
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I wish I could make a mix tape of the three teams, that way I could have my ultimate x-force team...

Leader: Cable

Enforcer(s): Deadpool, Warpath, Psylocke, Wolverine

Tech: Fantomex

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X-23 was born to be on X-Force.

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