what will happen in dark angel saga?

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hey just wondering what ye're thoughts are on this saga. i have a few ideas that might happen. there were three angels from the purifires still alive. maybe they become archangel diciples, maybe create more. also some of selena's inner circle could join him like senyaka( watever its spelt like). and i heard blink and nate grey are going to show up in new mutants. they would have connection to apocalypse so could be another crossover with new mutants. i lose end that was never picked up again could include decibel(chamber). i don't know, jus guessing. wat does everyone else think?
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Well there is that promo that shows X-force confronting (?) the AoA's versions of some characters.... So I personally think it's going to have something to do with Angel seeing himself as a horseman and going mad or something along those lines.
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My guess is that Archangel goes crazy, travels to the Age of Apopcalypse dimension and becomes a horsemen. The X-force travel there to stop him.

Maybe they end up killing Archangel since he's beyond repair, and that's why Psylocke gets into a relationship with Fantomex instead.

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Yea thats the basic idea XD

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