Uncanny X-Force #2: Let's take a look at Cavern-X

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I hate pretty much any place whose name utilizes a hyphen. That is, unless it's in the English countryside; then it just looks charmingly silly. FACT: Cavern-X is NOT located anywhere in the English Countryside.

Heck, it's not even in Europe. So why the hyphen? God only knows.

So we, the lucky reader, are treated to some interior shots of this new hideout. It is, predictably, all shiny brushed metal and random high-tech thingamajigs. Oh, and a lot of pictures of 'back in the day'. I'm not really sure why they have those up, actually...

You'll notice that, while there are pictures of the X-men throughout the years and through various incarnations, not all the members of the X-force were around for all that long. Psylocke is almost as recent as Longshot, Wolverine joined the series at Second Genesis, Fantomex showed up during the New X-men title, and Deadpool was never really in the x-men in the first place. It's as though the pictures are only there for Angel's benefit, and that seems kinda...well, rude.

To his credit, though, we are shown what appears to be a room decorated with Psylocke in mind, though that doesn't mean THAT much, considering she's his girlfriend...
 A meditation room?

But the main event in the shots of Cavern X is the...entrance hall? Seriously, I have no idea what that room is supposed to be for. At any rate, check it out:

See? The purpose is kinda ambiguous, other than the fact that it connects to something vaguely garage-like that holds Fantomex's E.V.A.
You'll notice I've affixed numbers to different elements of the above picture. The nerd in my decided to name each of the 'relics' within the picture; relic is the correct word, as they're all items from the x-men's past.
  1. This appears to be a corpse or life-sized model of one of the Brood. They're an alien race that likes to eat and then impersonate other people. Kind of like the Skrull, but with the purpose of finding new sources of sustenance...or something. These guys were popular with the writers around the mid-80s (that's an estimate), and one even took the place of Professor X at one point. 
  2. This one's poorly numbered, but it's a replica of Magneto's helmet. This could be from practically anywhere in the series, and I quite honestly don't know why it's there. Note that the helmet is somehow designed to block telepathy.
  3. Fantomex's E.V.A, as previously mentioned. For those of you not in the know, that's an external nervous system, and it's hollow and flies. Like a little flying saucer. No, I don't know WHY a external nervous system could plausibly be an aircraft, we're just supposed to go with it.  
  4. We're looking at what appears to be one of Sunfire's face masks, and I have noooo idea why. To anyone reading this, feel free to correct me, I'd greatly appreciate it. Here we break from the 'batcave' theme of the cavern- instead of memorabilia from villains they've defeated and their past costumes, here's a face mask from someone who was part of the X-men practically only in theory. Maybe the writer is trying to make some sort of in-joke with the veteran x-title readers, who are, in turn, supposed to feel both impressed and nostalgic. I don't know.
  5. Polaris' original costume. I had to look this one up, and I am very, very ashamed of that. You'd think I'd recognize it, since there's a picture of it sitting in my hard drive in a file I keep of classic x-men costumes (yes, I have a file of classic x-men costumes), but no, I had to look it up. From what I remember, it comes from this weird story in which Lorna is kidnapped and told of her powers or something. I read it a long time ago, and older issues of the X-men are somewhat hard to follow.
  6. Cyclops' original costume, complete with visor. Let's take a moment to remember that Cyclops isn't a member of the X-force, and is probably wondering where that costume went. However, I have a theory, and it revolves around Angel being kinda creepy and occasionally stealing other peoples' things and storing them away in some sort of private vault, possibly to try on when nobody else is around. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a somewhat disturbing concept. Does he run around pretending to have the previous owner's powers, too? Like when he's wearing Cyclops' costume, does he click the visor open and shut and go 'pew pew'?
  7. The original costume of Havok. The strange head-dress with the three bands was incorporated later on.
  8. Dark Phoenix's costume. Herein we realize the existance of a strange pattern in the costumes; two Summers brothers, and their classic romantic interest/long-term partner, with the women's costumes flanking the men's. The thing is, Dark Phoenix's costume is the only one that represents an actual story arc; Polaris' costume was only existant for one or two issues, if I recall correctly. There's so many reasons for these costumes to be present that I don't really see the point in trying to find the best one. I prefer to think that the writer/artist responsible just picked his favourite parts of X-men history and included relics that represented each of them...
  9. ...which makes the giant sentinel head somewhat odd. We can say, with a fair amount of certainty, that it is not the head of the sentinel that destroyed Genosha, therefore it is merely the head of a sentinel. This represents a theme in the series more than a specific epoch, as does Magneto's helmet. The sentinels were a long-standing threat to the X-men's existance throughout their history, as was Magneto, and unlike the Brood (who were only really a big thing for one or two storylines and are brought up every now and again). 
With that, we wrap up this mini-tour of what is merely one of many X-title hideouts over the years. If I've made any mistakes throughout my post, feel free to correct me!
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I really hate the conception of what is essentially the X-Cave.  As if someone thought "You know what would make X-Force cool?  If they had a Bat-Cave... but with a Sentinel's head instead foa  giant coin".

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