Not quite X-Force anymore??

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I don't know if anyone feels the same as me, but this new team doesn't seem to be x-force. 
I mean to me they can't really call themselves x-force if they don't have Cable, Cannonball, Tabitha, or Warpath. 

With on of those guys its just another x-men team, they need at least one or two of the original or classic members if they are truely x-force. 
Any thoughts would be nice :) 

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I sorta feel the same way, but I would have also included Domino in that list. I'm unsure if I'll pick up the Uncanny X-Force or not. (maybe issue #1, but maybe not the rest).

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Are you refering to the new Uncanny X-Force? Or to the "old" Wolverine and co. X-Force? Anyways, is the same result. Well, they are called X-Force, because X-Force has always been about the group of mutants that does things in a different way, it has been like that since the Cable times, Pete Wisdom followed the same path, and Wolverine is doing the same.

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I went off 'old' X-Force when Pete Wisdom took over.  It lost any visual appeal and the characterisation was so far off that it was virtually an alternate universe.  It was just plain BAD.


I loved the new X-Force, but the standard of art & story-telling was so good that Uncanny X-Force can't possibly live up to it.

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honestly the new roster doesnt bother me as much as the new name. adding uncanny to it just makes it seem less, whats the word...explicit? yeah lets go with explicit, by adding uncanny to the title it just makes it sound corney, i mean x-force is supposed to do all the dirty work and now they just sound like a group of x-men that are gonna solve mysteries and sell ice cream to children 
unless the last artist stays on, odds are im gonna drop x-force

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yeah cant see it bein as good as the last x force run which i think most people dat read enjoyed but gon to check it out anyway see what way it pans out
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@DH69 said:
"honestly the new roster doesnt bother me as much as the new name. adding uncanny to it just makes it seem less, whats the word...explicit? "
Agreed.  I don't know why they didn't just go with Secret X-Men (ala Secret Avengers & Secret Warriors).  Uncanny X-Force is an anti-climax, it's lame.
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@xerox-kitty said:

" @DH69 said:

"honestly the new roster doesnt bother me as much as the new name. adding uncanny to it just makes it seem less, whats the word...explicit? "
Agreed.  I don't know why they didn't just go with Secret X-Men (ala Secret Avengers & Secret Warriors).  Uncanny X-Force is an anti-climax, it's lame. "
Yeah, I'd prefer that. Secret X-Men. It would also stop people from comparing Uncanny X-Force to Yost and Kyle's run. 
I do like the roster though, but I'll miss Elixir. It was nice seeing one of the newer mutants (that isn't X-23 or Pixie) in the spotlight for a while.
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@DH69:  Well put!  I don't mind the roster change at all, team lineup are always changing in any comic, its nothing new and I accept that... The title change is where the problem comes in, Uncanny X-Force just seems lame as xerox-kitty said lol  Secret X-Men would be awesome.
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Honestly I would just prefer if they called it X-force. with all of the teams it was always just called X-force (right?!?!?!?) I really am very partial to the last team, but I am torn to see what they are going to do with this new one.

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the whole point of this new x-force is for the team to take out threats to mutantkind permanetly, its a team thats not afraid to kill and even ikes doing it. personally i think its btter then cable's old team, it adds something more to the plate then your average goody goody x-teams
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I like the new line up for an X-Team.   
I have to say though, this is NOT X-Force.  There are none of the originals and the new members are goofs and second stringers.  Deadpool?  Seriously ?  And just so you know, I like Deadpool but he is a goof, nothing about him is X-Force caliber.   
I also agree, Uncanny was a flat stupid addition to the X-Force title.  It seems to me, they... Marvel has chosen to change the flavor of what an X-Force team is.  No longer salty, shocking and hard to swallow.   They've made it softer and a little friendlier to the average Marvel fan, who has a very candy coated ideal of what a hero is and how they should behave. 
All my hatered for the new team being said, I am pulling this new title for the first three issues, at which point I will decide if they are an X-Force team and whether or not I will cancel my subscription.  My feeling is I will cancel, but hey, here's to hoping they prove me wrong and I love it.
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I love the new X-Force line-up ;)

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Yes, it actually puts a definition to "x-force"
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well, Cable brought together the first X-Force as warriors to work aside from the main X-teams 
to fight the enemies they didn't and do things they couldn't 
I don't think the roster is as quintessential a factor for a team like this 
they can be X-Force as long as they are mutants from the X-Family brought together to do something a little more extreme than the X-Men are used to handling
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As xerox-kitty mentions there was a run of X-Force during the same volume which had none of the original cast, tone, or mission. 
I'll admit I was a bit off put by the relaunch being "team blades" (everyone having some form of claws, blades, razors, or what not) and now the promos portray it as "team ninja guns"... but if you actually dig into the run it's not bad.  I don't know that it necessarily matches the same ethic as the original X-Force run, but I don't think X-Force (under Cable) really ever did. 
It's like DIsney's "Gargoyles" which in the intro narration talks about them as if they are "defenders of the night" vigilantes and protectors of NYC... but with a few exceptions, they were mostly dealing with their own stuff.  Cable's X-Force was similar... despite being launched as pro-active team willing to use lethal force against threats to mutant-kind, they spent most of their stories dealing with threats to their own team.  This new X-Force seems to fit the mission profile more accurately, but, as you say, it doesn't have the continuity of membership which traditionally defines teams in the X-Books (such as X-Factor which, in tone and mission, is nothing like the original X-Factor... but still has some team carry overs to justify the name). 
Both naming conventions are acceptable so judge the book on its content not its title.
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Wolverine's black ops team is easily 1000% better than any of the horribly cheesy Rob Leifeld inspired abominations that took place in the 90's...Those were THE WORST comic books EVER produced...and that's saying alot.

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