Interview: Sam Humphries Talks About UNCANNY X-FORCE in Marvel NOW!

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With Marvel NOW! almost here, we've been seeing the end of several titles to have them give away to new relaunched #1s. Rick Remender has been killing it on UNCANNY X-FORCE and with his run ending, it appeared that the title was ending as well.

With last week's reveal over the "WANTED" teaser, we found out that Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca would be launching CABLE AND X-FORCE, it was certain that UNCANNY X-FORCE was done. It turns out, that's not the case. Today, Marvel announced that the comic teased with "KILLERS" was for Sam Humphries and Ron Garney on a new UNCANNY X-FORCE.

Comic Vine: How will your book connect to CABLE AND X-FORCE? Will there be a fight over who gets to call themselves X-Force?

Sam Humphries: One book has Cable, and one has Bishop. There's literally thousands of years of bad blood between them. I don't know how long we'll be able to keep them separate.

(Note: Bishop will be a 'bad guy' in this title)

CV: Is this team going to be another "secret" squad or will all the X-Men and Marvel Universe know about it?

SH: "Black ops" isn't their focus, but they will be digging deep into some sticky and uncomfortable corners of the Marvel Universe. Some characters who know about them will wish they had no idea.

CV: Will Wolverine give his blessings or is that a "you'll have to wait and see" thing?

SH: You'll have to wait and see. "Blessing" is a weird word for this. Someone gets kicked out of the Jean Grey School in the first issue, and that's about all I can say.

CV: The teaser simply said "KILLERS." Storm's on the team? What's up with that?

SH: Storm is just as much of a wild card as anyone else on this team. Spiral has always been a glammed out sexy techno villianess, but Storm has layers, she changes over time. You may think she's a goddess or a leader or a teacher -- and she is -- but she's still the same woman who wore leather and a mohawk for years. She can be unpredictable too.

CV: So far we know Psylocke is leading the team along with Storm, Puck and Spiral. Did you get to choose who you wanted or did someone say, "Hey, let's give the Puck fans something to be happy about?"

SH: I got to choose who I wanted. I'm in the Marvel Universe now, so I have to play nice with the other books. There were some characters I couldn't have, some characters I was able to claim for works both ways. But overall, I love everyone in this book, and they're in X-Force because I want them there. Editorial from top down was very supportive of me building my own team.

And Puck is a bad ass. Or, at least, I think so! And I'm gonna work my ass off until everyone else feels the same.

CV: Do you have a set number for the complete roster once all the dust settles?

SH: There are three more to come. One we've seen before, one we haven't seen in years who NO ONE will guess, and...well, I can't say anything about the third.

CV: Psylocke had some bad times in the love department lately. Any chance she might reconnect with past loves (even though they've sort of been "killed") or anyone new?

SH: Hey, is that the space shuttle flying by? *jumps out the window*

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I'll give it a try. I'm not crazy about the line up. I think people should really remember that Storm commanded Wolverine to execute the Marauders during the mutant massacre. She can be pretty ruthless when she thinks she has to be.

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Cant wait for this series. I started reading the original Alpha Flight last year and now i'm addicted. Puck is fantatic! This sounds like a great book.

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Wow,Bishop is finally coming back Should be interesting. I'll try this book out when it comes out.

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wait, his first answer was that uncanny xfactor has bishop (though not as member apparently, so antagonist?) and comicvine didnt even follow up? wtf?!?

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@jhole: Refresh. I added after publishing that Bishop is a 'bad guy.'

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@G-Man said:

CV: Psylocke had some bad times in the love department lately. Any chance she might reconnect with past loves (even though they've sort of been "killed") or anyone new?

SH: Hey, is that the space shuttle flying by? *jumps out the window*


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but Pucks on Alpha Flight and Spiral doesn't care about mutants and I think Storm gonna get kicked out of the School

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@Mutant God: Wouldn't it make more sense that its Wolverine that gets kicked out (since he's the only one currently in it and there the whole X-Force/Genesis problem right now) and simply decides to hang up the acts with the X-Men teams and stick with the Avengers?

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This looks sh!t. No thanks.

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This is looking better the more light is shed on it

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This sounds interesting but I can't wait for Thunderbolts.

#12 Posted by Mutant God (3219 posts) - - Show Bio

@Outside_85 said:

@Mutant God: Wouldn't it make more sense that its Wolverine that gets kicked out (since he's the only one currently in it and there the whole X-Force/Genesis problem right now) and simply decides to hang up the acts with the X-Men teams and stick with the Avengers?

I dont think the principal or head master or whatever he calls himself can get kick out he school he "founded", and he already sticks with the Avengers hes only at the school to keep an eye on the mutant children for the Avengers

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Geez, Marvels 2nd wave is REALLY pushing black ops assassinations and violence. I'm concerned this is their attempt to bring back the 90's. But besides Way's Thunderbolts, all the other books seem to have solid premises and decent creative teams. I am confused.

In any case, please let this be the last title in this genre to be announced. The idea is getting stale REALLY fast.

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Bishop as an antagonist. When he was going against Cable that was the most interest I had in the character. There should be a good reason though.. Like when he was going against Cable. Don't just say hey he's a evil now.

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This makes this team sound a bit better, but I think I'll wait for the other three reveals before I invest in the title.

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Jean Grey as Dark Phoenix returns to join this team. lol

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@John Valentine said:

This looks sh!t. No thanks.

You say that now....

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This sucks on so many major levels!

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Okay. Reason with me here;


Villianess. Utterly insane and blood-thirsty. Works with Mojo. Kidnapping the X-Man Rachel Summers for Mojo. transformed Lady Deathstrike into a cyborg. Played a role in Psylocke's physical appearance changing from that of a blonde Anglo-Saxon to an East Asian. Kiddnapps Psylocke from the Exiles world, stole her old body so her soul can be replace back into Kwannon body. Yeah..........

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I'll give this book a chance. I'm surprised Psylocke will be leading the team. I would have figured she didn't want to do the whole X-Force thing after the Final Execution arc.

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Hmm.... I love the current line up and current series of the Uncanny X-Force. This one does not intrigue me near as much. The characters just don't have the same flair as the original cast. Storm doesn't have the same feel being part of this group. Yea she has her times where she is supper deadly and lethal, but generally she feels bad afterwards in most cases. The named members don't feel as "deadly" as the current members, but maybe the three more that will be added will be a game changer and it pull everything together. I guess we will see. I'm hoping it does good. I'm more interested in the Cable and X-force series at this point. Probably just pick up both to make sure.

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Nope, still not interested

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Quite a downer...Psylocke okay, the rest? I'll give a "meh"......for now....

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Well I assume Bishop will stick around. Otherwise no pay off when the two teams Clash.

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Uh... Wolverine even on this team anymore? Because i'm not so sure xD

I hope Deadpool and Deathlok are still part of X-Force. This series finally gave Deadpool a chance to build up some trust with actual heroes. And I'm guessing and hoping Eva will still be on the team. I mean they JUST introduced her like three issues ago it be stupid to throw the character away so soon.

I know it be very very unlikely but evens sense House of M and M Day I've been hoping for Mystique to turn good. I mean if Magneto can do it, so can she. I think she'd be an amazing addition to X-Force.

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I really want to like what they are doing with this title but:

Storm is so dry usually

Spiral isn't exactly what i would consider a selling point

And Puck... is just Puck...kind of a lame character to me

I'll buy issue one of it sure, but only because i'm doing it for all the other NOW titles though

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One book has Bishop, the other has Cable. I love the dynamic...but without Wolverine in the equation, just don't know about this.

#28 Posted by devourerofworlds (40 posts) - - Show Bio

Really sad to see that Remenders run is ending, i absolutely loved every issue of his. Kind of a disappointing line up so far considering how amazing the old one was. To fallow the epic arcs that made up Uncanny X-Force is going to be really hard so i think we'll just have to wait and see if it's going to be something different but awesome or non-comparable at all

#29 Posted by lorex (997 posts) - - Show Bio

Another X-Book without Wolverine in it. Looks like Christmas is coing early for me.

#30 Posted by Howlverine (62 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm just glad Uncanny's not getting cancelled. And Puck is always fun.

#31 Posted by Blizaga101 (1011 posts) - - Show Bio

i thought storm was against the Xforce when she found out originally, why is she now all of sudden joining a team of killers?

#32 Posted by Umbraa (920 posts) - - Show Bio

@RedheadedAtrocitus said:

One book has Bishop, the other has Cable. I love the dynamic...but without Wolverine in the equation, just don't know about this.

Bishop is the bad guy. So there is no dynamic. Cable is on the run in his book, being hunted by Uncanny Avengers. Psylocke's UXF is hunting Bishop. If he joined the team, sure. But if he doesn't, then there isn't much of a dynamic to me.

#33 Posted by jhazzroucher (18396 posts) - - Show Bio

Yehey! More Storm appearances. : )

#34 Posted by Mrfuzzynutz (1271 posts) - - Show Bio

I dislike the fact they couldn't give the teams different names kind of weak to me. Storm on a killing team just doesn't seem right. Yes she was bad ass in her mohawk days and should a lot of depth and toughness, but she wasn't a killer

Yeah Spiral!! Boooo...PUCK!

Bishop? depends on how he is depicted he can go either way, but no Dreads, or El DeBarge hair please :)

#35 Posted by notoriousmistersims (92 posts) - - Show Bio

spiral and puck i think could win over people but pyslocke already on the team i think storm throws things off i know she was a bad ass in the 80 wit mohawk but she has evolved since then il gave it a read

#36 Posted by Peevo (40 posts) - - Show Bio

I bet Bishop plays a role in the Psylocke/Wolverine thought controlled future thats why Betsy is looking to kill him!

My guess is Warbird gets kicked off campus and joins the team, along with the return of Fantomex, and the big super secret member is Elixir! (I wish)

#37 Posted by Crowingaboutcomics (58 posts) - - Show Bio

This team seems crazy to someone else mentioned, with Psylock's past history with Spiral, it just doesn't make any sense...(although I did always like the character of Spiral), the addition of Storm attached to a "killer" moniker just doesn't sit right with me. First, she's a leader...i.e. Astonishing X-Men, (Is that one ending?), Second, she's just not a "killer" - I'm tired of characters going off deep ends because it seems "more interesting" - sticking to their core beliefs (naturally, while evolving) is way more interesting to me. So the first three female characters seem to be out of character...Puck - crazy addition. Because of it being heavy in females - the next 2 out of 3 have to be males...with everyone from Utopia moving back (post AVX) seems like it could be anyone...But right now, it doesn't seem like this team meshes...I'll try it naturally and hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised but...

#38 Posted by White Mage (18056 posts) - - Show Bio

@Blizaga101 said:

i thought storm was against the Xforce when she found out originally, why is she now all of sudden joining a team of killers?

Something in AVX apparently bonds Storm and Psylocke even I'm pretty excited for this book

#39 Posted by Trodorne (2735 posts) - - Show Bio

I am just happy Alpha Flight members are being treated seriously than just some plot point fillers. First Northstar then Madison Jefferies, and now Puck

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I prefer Wildchild on the team, then Sage, probably Adam-X and Maverick. At least those four have a stronger killer flair....

#41 Posted by MexFaletti (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Ah! Adam-X! That would be a winner. Humpries could do anything he wanted with the character and it could turn out to be great.I recall when they used Changeling/Morph into the X-Men 90's series just to get killed because he had no fan base and ended up being a recognizable character...

#42 Posted by darque26 (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Just read Humpries interview on CBR, no matter how he explained it, I still cant feel storm and puck as killers. Yeah they had ups and downs, but those two have been the heart of two well-known team. Then suddenly shifts to a killers? A concept that hard to chew....

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This Uncanny X-Force sucks in comparison to MeX-Pool-Logan Uncanny X-Force

hopefully the last 3 are real Kick-A$$


#44 Posted by AgeofHurricane (7683 posts) - - Show Bio

Well this is definitely different, and for several reasons, I'm all for it. A little surprised that this is not your generic roster of X-Force, e.g Wolverine, X-23,'s something else entirely.

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