Best Psylocke Issues?

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I want to get into Psylocke a bit more, but not her old stuff; rather, her current status with X-Force. I know about the Dark Angel saga that is going on right now, but it is a bad place to jump on. 
I was wondering which particular X-Force issues you would recommend that give Psylocke a bit more attention?

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Up until Dark Angel Saga she didn't get too much spotlight.

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she's always been a "meh" character to me with an overly convoluted backstory 

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@RainEffect:  Does it absolutely have to be X-Force stuff? I think if you like the tone of X-Force, you'll love Psylocke's mini series from a year or two ago, written by Chris Yost who was in part responsible for the current X-Force type story tone and feel (darker, grittier, adult fun etc) it also had Wolverine in the mini and it had lots of action with story and pretty art etc  Could easily be considered a prequel or preview of her joining X-Force. Here are some panels from that mini to give you a rough idea. (put ink to mini in her name above) (covers a lot of her history and past as well which is handy)
Psylocke kill
Harvey Tolibao Psylocke
Psylocke use magic
Psylocke vs ninjas

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@SC: *Bangs forehead against the wall*
I was in my local shop today and I saw that in the X-Men section. But I remember looking at the cover and saying to myself - "This just looks like a fan service". It's written by Chris Yost?! He wrote Red Robin: The Grail which is one of my all time favourite storylines! FML.
Thanks for the info!
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@RainEffect:  Oh yah, the covers for this book were really, really cheesecakey. Not a inherently bad thing, but yeah 2 out of the four covers had an extreme emphasis on her butt lol and the story definitely had more selling points than that, like Yost being writer and some cool action/fight scenes. (plus it does a good job at like covering her past) 
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@SC: Does it get into her character and contain a bit of character development? That's the most important thing for me, personally. If it is written by Yost, I'd have faith. He really brought Tim through some interesting changes.
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@RainEffect:  It basically summarizes a lot of her characters history from the past. Then it provides a few resolutions to some lingering plot lines. It tests and challenges her at several points. So she is still the same character at start and end of mini, but she is a lot lighter and its pretty accessible for readers new to her. (the whole summary of her might seem a bit convoluted I guess, but they do good by covering a lot in a little)  
Another thing is  if you type Psylocke #1 Preview (or #2, #3, #4) into Google, CBR 5 page previews should come up and give you a taster of the writing and tone, that is if you want to get a feel for the issue. 
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