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Cable tries to save Sam while the rest of X-Force fights the Brotherhood. In the end, it turns out Sam lives.

Kane battles the MLF and is confronted by Stryfe.

Notes: Page 22 seems to have some word balloon issues. Cable orders Shatterstar to kill Masque. Shatterstar is mid-sentence when he stabs Masque in the back. In the next panel, Warpath seems to finish Shatterstar's thought while Cable suddenly wonders what Shatterstar is doing (and calling his "Shatty"). The next panel on page 23 then has Warpath wondering what was going on while Cable explains point blank why he asked Shatterstar to kill Masque. It seems that the bubble finishing Shatterstar's sentence should have gone to Shatterstar himself while Cable's bubble should have gone to Warpath, who actually would have called Shatterstar "Shatty."


Out of his reverie, Cable picks up Cannonball and runs to the medi-lab. It appears that his shots at Sauron had only wounded the reptile and Boom-Boom is sent back as a distraction. She is able to hold him off for a short time, but Thornn interrupts by tackling and taking a swipe at Boom-Boom's face. Boom-Boom's back-up arrives in the form of Domino, who summarily takes Thornn out with a speech on how the mutants should be banding together to fight for the greater good of mutant-kind, not trying to butcher each other. She and Boom-Boom then follow after Cable to the medi-lab.

In the medi-lab, Cable has placed Cannonball's dead body on a table. Cable continues his vigil, whispering under his breath how Cannonball is a High-Lord and should be waking at any moment; Cannonball's life isn't supposed to start until death. Sauron then swoops in and Cable takes a few for shots at him.

Outside, Warpath, Shatterstar, and Siryn wonder where the other Brotherhood members have gone to. Too late, Siryn realizes that Phantazia may be scrambling their senses. Sure enough, the Blob appears right behind them and knocks Warpath out of the fight. Shatterstar asks Siryn to affect the Blob's equilibrium with powers while he moves in and takes a swipe at the Blob's mouth. Seeing that these X-Force-ers are not like the other X-Teams (as this team goes for blood), he decides to bail on the fight by jumping into a ravine.

Back in the medi-lab, Feral shows up to take some punches at Sauron. He admires her ferocity. Cable then pumps Sauron in the back with more gunfire. Thornn is appalled that Cable could be so unfair and shoot someone in the back, she attempts to fight Cable single-handedly but ends up taking a swipe at his face. This action removes some synthetic skin to reveal more machine. Whether she receives a shock from the bio-mechanics or her being startled was enough to throw her off her groove enough for Cable to subdue her, Thornn is soon out of the fight.

Domino and Boom-Boom arrive. Domino is livid that Cable left the fight. He argues that he really thought that Cannonball had a chance to come back to life. Then in walks Masque and Phantazia. They plan on taking some revenge on Cable and Co., but then Warpath, Shatterstar, and Siryn stride in. With too much opposition, Phantazia buzzes out. Masque then thinks that they are at an impasse and he plans to walk away to fight another day. Cable, however, gives Shatterstar the go ahead and Shatterstar rams his sword through Masque's back. Some of the team is upset at this cruelty, but any objections get put on the back-burner when Cannonball stands up and asks what's happened.

X-Tenuating Circumstances, Part Two

Continued from X-Force #7. Kane is fighting Sumo, Forearm, and Wildside from the Mutant Liberation Front. It was supposed to be a cut-and-dry mission. These guys made it a little more difficult. After knocking each MLF member around a little bit, Wildside informs Kane that Zero is porting the team out. Not willing to accept so easy an escape, Kane jumps through the portal before it closes. He lands at the feet of Stryfe.

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