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Within the Aguilar Institute, a heavily fortified facility in northern California, armored guards present to a woman called Gryphon a catpured intruder: an unconscious Domino.
Meanwhile, in San Francisco, the members of X-Force return from an evening out to their warehouse headquarters to discover an intruder of their own.  Jesse Aaronson, a mutant with the ability to disrupt electrical equipment, had broken in to await the arrival of the team.  As X-Force prepares to confront the invader, he explains he's there to enlist their aid in rescuing their former teammate Domino from the Aguilar Institute.  Jesse goes on to say he has access to data about the members of X-Force, and was aware that Domino was searching for Ekatarina Gryaznova, the Zero Tolerance Prime Sentinel who had briefly imprisoned Domino.  He had made a deal with Dom, offering to lead her to Gryaznov, if she'd help find his missing brother.
Some time later, Jesse and Domino were outside the Aguilar Institute, but were discovered by guards wearing smart armor that could adjust to their adversaries' abilities.  Jesse escaped, but Dom was captured.
At the facility, Domino sits within a force field chamber, as Gryphon makes her entrance.  Dom recognizes her as a mutated Ekaterina Gryaznova, altered by Bastion's nanotechnology when he discovered her betrayal of him.
Outside, X-Force and Jesse approach in a helicopter which comes under attack by armored guards.  They leap from the chopper and fight their way to the complex.  Using his abilities, Jesse makes it into the building, soon finding Domino and releasing her from the force field.  Having learned from X-Force that a power-inhibiting device was implanted in Domino's head, Jesse disrupts it before she can warn him not to, and she falls unconscious.
Gryphon discovers Jesse and takes him on, easily overpowering the youth.  Domino recovers, and, with the inhibitor deactivated, attacks Gryphon, stunning her with a live electrical cable.  
Gryphon, fearing defeat and exposure of the Institute's purpose, activates a self-destruct device.  X-Force makes their timely entrance, rescuing Domino and Jesse moments before the building explodes.  Soon, the teammates are reveling in their reunion.
Elsewhere, two unseen men discuss someone named 'Bedlam', who has been located in San Francisco, saying they are determined to "bring him back".

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