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In the not-so-distant future, Shatterstar rules over Mojoworld. However, when the Spineless Ones orchestrate a rebellion, Shatterstar/Master Programmer must rely on his teammates from the present to save the day.

Shattershot Part 4 - The Mirror Liars

In the distant future on Mojoworld, Shatterstar rules the world while the Spineless Ones attacks in a rebel uprising. In the not-quite-as-distant future on earth, Arize arrives to ask the future version of X-Force to help overthrow Shatterstar (unaware that Shatterstar is being manipulated behind the scenes by "the Board" and the Scheduler and has already begun to dislike the condition of his newly "free" world). Back on Mojoworld, X-Force and Arize attack along with rebel forces and (with Shatterstar's help) manage to take down the Scheduler and the Board. And in the distance of the celebrating crowd Cannonball almost catches a glimpse of what looks like an aged Longshot.

The Crush

Whiz Kid, Artie, and Leech protect a young girl at their school.

Know Your Enemy

This story takes place right after X-Force #10. Cable rounds up his crew to take an inventory on the known threats to X-Force. Some enemies are questionable, but Cable wants to make sure his team knows what to expect in the future.

Note: Oddly, the table of contents entitles the third story "X-Force Villain's Gallery." Not only is it the wrong title, but the grammar is off, too (unless the gallery does really belong to the villains).

Pin Ups - X-Force, Feral, Boom Boom/Cannonball/Domino/Shatterstar, Boom Boom/Feral/Domino

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