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Cannonball is back home in Kentucky to visit his ailing mother. She reveals that she is suffering from a disease affecting the nervous system, called Guillain-Barre Syndrome. She needs to go to Lexington, Kentucky in order to receive treatment; Cannonball suggests he stay with home to take care of the family. 
Cannonball needs to take a breather and flies around his hometown. He sees a glowing girl, Arcadia,  running towards the mines where he and his dad used to work. He follows her, only to be attacked by Ulysses Dragonblood and Arcadia together. Ulysses realizes that Cannonball is not the person they were looking for. Out of nowhere, Argos the Hunter, a member of the Sword, the real threat, appears and attacks Ulysses. Cannonball knocks Argos the Hunter out saving Ulysses and Arcadia and ask them who they are. Ulysses reveals that Arcadia possesses a power that Argos the Hunter's master wants for himself. Cannonball offers his help, but before they continue, the rest of the Sword appear.
Back in San Francisco, Bedlam is at a nightclub where he meets a friend called Kat. The introductions are however cut short as two special agents arrive to the club to find Bedlam. Bedlam tries to make his escape a success by generating his bio-electric fields and shutting down the lights. However, this proves unsuccessful as the agents find him and threaten him to come back with them. X-Force shows up and have other plans concerning Bedlam. Bedlam stops X-Force from fighting the agents saying they aren't the bad guys. The agents reveal that they are part of M.U.S.E (Mutant Underground Support Engine)., an organization dedicated to find mutants in trouble and bringing them to a safe place. 
X-Force and the agents go back to their warehouse where the agents explain their motives. Bedlam was to become an agent of M.U.S.E., but had disappeared, putting them in danger. Bedlam finally reveals why he sought out Domino, he wanted her help to find his brother Chris. The agents persists that Chris actually doesn't exist and that Bedlam made it up.

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