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Witnessing Cannonball's death, Cable has a flashback of his old team, the then Wild Pack. He also learns of a special condition Cannonball may have while in his present, the future. Out of his reverie, Cable shoots Sauron and shoots to kill.

Includes two Cable art pieces by Rob Liefeld.


Sauron stands before Cable and Boom Boom with a limp Cannonball in his arms. He shouts in triumph that he's killed the boy. Boom Boom can't believe it and cries for Cannonball to wake up. These words ring in Cable's head. Wake up... Awakening... He flashes back to his Wild Pack days.

Cable's Wild Pack is in New Mexico on a contract to infiltrate a HYDRA research facility to recover a stolen energy converter. The line-up is Cable, Domino, Grizzly, Hammer, Garrison Kane, and G.W. Bridge. The team experiences mild resistance. Well, mild for them. At one point, HYDRA guards fire a plasma generator at Grizzly. Knowing the regeneration rate, Grizzly shakes the gun stand to pieces. Upon reaching the facility, the team climbs up the building to find a discrete way inside. Upon finding it, the team notices no resistance inside. In fact, they notice that nobody is inside, including the expected researchers. Kane simply remarks that the team's reputation must have preceded them. Regardless, Cable doesn't quite like the circumstances.

Despite Cable's ill feelings, Hammer goes to work to locate the energy converter, officially called a fiber ionic fibrillator. As he tinkers around he triggers an alarm. Large screens flicker to life and the image of Baron von Strucker informs the team that they have twenty seconds to vacate the premises or else they die in a fiery explosion. Hammer has cleared the fibrillator so Cable quickly bodyslides the team to a helicopter that houses their contractor, the A.I.M. organization. A.I.M. is pleased with the Wild Pack's efforts, but inform them that the energy converter is a dud. It was designed with the intent of HYDRA stealing it so that A.I.M. could ascertain how far their research had come. With HYDRA so easily blowing up their research center, A.I.M. finds it easy to believe that HYDRA has not come far at all.

The Wild Pack feels slighted at having been used so badly but their paycheck more than makes up for it. The team gets dropped off in Oklahoma. Cable is the first to leave and promises he'll call the team when another contract comes up. He races off on his motorcycle and timeslides to the future, his home. His robots (with very familiar names) greet him.

Months pass (in which he may have done more work with the Six Pack, as the chronology wouldn't work otherwise) before Cable asks the Professor about any new findings on awakenings. The Professor informs him that Sam Guthrie, or Cannonball, might very well be a High-Lord. With sketchy information, Cable prepares to head back in time to find Cannonball. He plans on raising the boy to reach his full potential - to have the boy wake up...

Back in the present, Cable realizes that Cannonball is not waking up. He doesn't quite understand why the Awakening is not happening yet. Sauron taunts Cable. Cable pumps Sauron full of ordnance.

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