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James Proudstar is dead, and his spirit now exists in a hellish realm where he is confronted by Stryfe.  On the mortal plane, in Arkansas, Theresa Rourke tries in vain to revive James. 
Outside a saloon in Missouri, Dani Moonstar and her allies are visited by the Valkyrie, Brunnhilde, who bears the news of James' peril.  The warrior opens a portal for Dani, Bobby DaCosta and Tabitha Smith to go to James' aid.  They leave behind their new friend, Richie Alegria, who is found by the mobsters he's been running from.  However, the thugs are killed by a mysterious figure who wields power similar to Sunspot's. 
In the Underworld, as the spirits of James and Stryfe fight, the realm's ruler, Blackheart, makes his presence known.  When Moonstar, Sunspot and Meltdown arrive, Blackstar confronts them with their deepest fears.  James' soul then finds the will to beat down Stryfe, and return to his body, bringing his teammates along as well.

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