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James Proudstar and Theresa Rourke make their way to Topeka, Kansas, evading cops along the way. They are trying to obtain evidence, hidden in a bus station locker, regarding those behind the Camp Verde massacre.

In Washington, D.C., police examine video of a bank robbery foiled by a mystery woman (Domino).

In Topeka, as soon as James and Theresa obtain the packet of evidence, they are confronted by Martin Edwards, who is actually the lycanthropic Edwin Martynec. Martynec drugs and captures the pair.

The rest of X-Force are currently in Memphis, Tennessee, still accompnying scheming filmmaker Richie Alegria. In Chicago, a mystrious figure on the trail of the mutants has started a blaze in the hotel where the team recently stayed.

Somewhere in Arkansas, James and Theresa come to, finding themselves about to be experimented on by Martynec, who reveals that Project: Stepladder and the Camp Verde massacre were the handiwork of Stryfe. Theresa breaks free, releases James, and a fight ensues. Martynec injects James with an amphetamine compund the accelerates his heartrate to deadly levels, then Theresa hits Martynec with a bone-shattering sonic scream. As she tries to aid him, James' heart stops.

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