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Collects : X-Force (1991) # 11 - X-Factor (1986) # 77, 78

11 - Cable and the members of X-Force bring the bodies of Masque and Sauron to the Morlocks. Feral also has Thornn strapped in chains. She lets her sister gone with a warning as well as Cable's warning to the Morlocks.

Meanwhile, at the X-Force Base in the Adirondack Mountains, Deadpool sneaks into the X-Force base and attacks Domino, only, that's not really Domino...

Elsewhere, G. W. is hearing from Kane about his confrontation with the Mutant Liberation Front and Cable. At that point G.W. now wants to stop Cable and sends in Weapon Prime to take care of the problem.

In Austria it is shown that Domino is captured by Mr. Tolliver.

77 - Stryfe and his Mutant Liberation Front attack X-Factor and free the Nasty Boys. Later, Cannonball shows up to "liberate" Rahne from the control of the government. Rahne, however, is making friends, and Polaris proves it by letting Cannonball escape the questioning Havok has planned.

78 - The MLF attack again, but his time it's on a clinic in Kansas City, Missouri. X-Factor is too late to save the doctor; what of his research? The morals of Rahne and Quicksilver get in the way of completing this mission, and future mutants may thank them. Also, Mr. Sinister reclaims his Nasty Boys from Stryfe.

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