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This issue features the Vanisher! And a Zero Tolerance transport carries it's mutant prisoners to an unknown location...

Domino comes to somewhere in Oklahoma, with her hair shorn and a surgery scar on the back of her neck. She is aided by Spencer, a trucker who barely avoids running her over.

On a New Mexico highway, a Zero Tolerance convoy is transporting Shatterstar, Meltdown and Rictor to their base.

In Missouri, Sunspot, Siryn and Moonstar contact G. W. Bridge to ask if S.H.I.E.L.D. can get a fix on the locations of their captive teammates.

In the tunnels beneath the Xavier Institute, Cable and Caliban hide from the ZT force that has taken over the mansion.

Within his high-tech warehouse in Detroit, Sledge loses contact with Warpath, who is in a parallel dimension, searching for Sledge's "friend".

New Mexico: ZT commander Ekatarina Gryaznova makes an unauthorized stop to meet with three scientists who had formerly worked for Gideon, and intend to continue their experiments on the captive mutants.

The parallel dimension: James finds a being (appearing in the form of his childhood pet cat), who leads him to the one he seeks, the Vanisher. He is found telling stories to a crowd of creatures resembling cartoon dogs. When James tells the Vanisher he's here to get him back to Earth, the 'dogs' turn vicious.

New Mexico: Having found their teammates with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s aid, Siryn Sunspot and Moonstar attack and defeat Gryaznova, while the three scientists make their getaway.

At a diner in Oklahoma, Domino has no luck contacting any of her allies, and rejoins Spencer at the coffee counter, revenge on her mind.

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