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Domino is wanted dead or alive! And Warpath ventures into the unknown!

In the lab of a St. Louis cancer research center taken over by the Mutant Liberation Front, MLF members Dragoness, Moonstar, and Forearm join X-Force members Siryn, Sunspot and Domino against Zero Tolerance Prime Sentinels, in spite of Moonstar's revelation that she infiltrated the terrorist group as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Domino volunteers to stay to detonate an explosive, allowing the others to escape through the top of the building.

Returning to the news van they used as a cover, Siryn and Sunpot find that Rictor, Meltdown, and Shatterstar are missing, probably captured by Zero Tolerance. Inside, ZT operative Ekatarina Gryaznova and her team take Wildside, Tempo and Dragoness in custody, as well as the unconscious Domino.

In his Detroit warehouse, Sledge turns off the TV, having watched news reports on Zero Tolerance activities, then prepares James Proudstar for a mission to another dimension to locate a "friend" of Sledge, in return for which James wants the address of Michael Whitecloud, the only other survivor of James' tribe.

Back in St. Louis, Forearm feels betrayed by Moonstar and departs, while nearby, Gryaznova reports to Bastion on the capture, but falsely adds that Domino escaped.

Later, holding her captive, Gryaznova reviews Dom's history, which Domino claims is mostly wrong. Gryaznova then reveals the reason behind her personal vendetta: on a mission three years earlier in El Salvador, Domino destroyed a robot cybernetically controlled by Gryaznova, putting her in a coma, from which she woke up transformed into a Prime Sentinel.

Later still, Domino finds herself strapped to an operating table, about to be anaesthetized.

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