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Caliban tracks Risqué to Wacky World, an amusement park where she tries to take refuge.   corners her, but unexpectedly collapses as he did a few days ago.   As she tries to help him, Siryn, Sunspot, Rictor and Meltdown arrive to take her into custody to determine the whereabouts of James Proudstar, last seen with Risqué.  

In a junk-filled warehouse, James wakes to meet his host, the troll-like mutant Sledge, and finds his arm bandaged where blood and tissue samples were taken.   Previously believing himself to be the last survivor of his tribe, Sledge informs him that there is one other, Michael Whitecloud, who may know something of the massacre.   A short time later, X-Force arrives at the junkyard to find James unharmed and ready to go home.   Risque tries to explain to James his abduction was an obligation she owed Sledge, but he turns his back on her.

Meanwhile, at , Domino, returning from South America, is detained by .   He asks for her assistance, and hand her a file revealing Dani Moonstar is a covert agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.    

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