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On Earth, the entranced residents of Rutland, Vermont, watch Mojo's video of future war starring Cable and Shatterstar.  As X-Force also views the program from Mojoworld, they witness Shatterstar's death scene.  Spiral materializes and explains that Mojo's plan to siphon energy from Earth run counter to her wishes, so she offers to aid X-Force in rescuing Cable and Shatterstar.  Spiral teleports Siryn, Longshot and herself into the video battlefield, leaving Meltdown, Rictor, Caliban and Sunspot to face Gog, Magog and Mojo's troops.  As a horrified Mojo watches the broadcast from Earth, Spiral teleports the heroes to the Weisman Institute, a Rutland asylum with a link to Shatterstar's past. 
Inside, they find Benjamin Russell, a young man who fell into a coma when his mutant powers manifested.  Longshot transfers the soul from Shatterstar's dying form to Russell's body.  Russell/Shatterstar revives, feeling whole, just as Mojo begins to materialize.  Spiral shifts them all between dimensions, from where Longshot can order Caliban to destroy Mojo's digitizing television monitor.  Caliban does so, trapping Mojo between dimensions, while Spiral brings the rest to Mojoworld.  Unbeknownst to X-Force, the Gamesmaster gleefully views these events from afar.

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