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In the Mojoverse, Cable and Shatterstar have been captured, and are being tortured by Mojo, Gog and Magog.
Back on Earth, the rest of X-Force, led by Longshot, call on Dr. Strange for aid in getting to Mojo's dimension.  At the same time, in Florida,  Risqué is confronted by the Blob, the Mimic and a shadowy figure. 
On Mojoworld, Cable and Shatterstar are forced to watch video of a future war, when 'Star kills Mojo.  Cable breaks free of his bonds, but Spiral materializes to oppose him.  Nearby, Longshot and X-Force teleport into the Mojoverse, relieved to find themselves in the midst of Dazzler's rebel troops.  The combined fighting force make their way into Mojo's palace, only to find it deserted.  They come upon a television monitor within which, they learn, Cable and Shatterstar have been "digitized".  Longshot states the two cannot long survive in that form. 
Meanwhile, in Rutland, Mojo has made his way to Earth, where he commences broadcasting his hypnotic programming to the local residents.

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