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A Brutally Good Time

This is an awesome book.  'Nuff said.
I love this story of these "Black Ops" X-Men who go around and take out their enemies.  It's not because this is what they want to do, it's because this is the point that the world and these same enemies have pushed them to.  The days of using kids gloves on evil badasses is over.
This is the final issue of the current story arc "Angels & Demons".  Christopher Yost should be commended on this one.  So much cool and character twisting stuff shoved into one issue.  Rahne's final confrontation with her father, Archangel's killing spree, Wolverine vs Bastion.
There are only two things that I didn't like about this book.  Reading this book I think it should have the MAX label on the cover.  I know some people might think that pulls away readership too much, but I wouldn't want kids, mine or otherwise, picking up this book at too young an age.   This is a very adult X-Book and should be treated as such.  Just sayin'.
The other thing that drove me crazy was how darkly shaded everything was.  It was almost distractingly dark.  That might have just been the copy that I had, but it was pretty noticeable from the get-go.  Of course, half-way through the issue I thought to myself that if it was any lighter I might be sitting here complaining that it was distractingly too light.  LOL
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