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With Shatterstar's identity in question, Cable interrogates him, as the rest of the team watches, expressing a wide variety of views on the proceedings.  The session ends with the return of Rictor, who had quit X-Force some time ago.   
The team soon embarks on a mission to trace Shatterstar's past as Warpath frets over the disappearance of Risque.  Cable makes a stop to meet with NYPD Detective Charlotte Jones, who informs him the files on X-Force and on Benjamin Russell (Shatterstar's possible true identity) are missing.   
X-Force arrives at an asylum (where Shatterstar first learned about the discrepancy about his past) in Rutland, Vermont, only to find the building empty.  They again take off in Cable's Pacrat where they are attacked by Gog and Magog from the Mojoverse.  They abduct Shatterstar, then teleport to their home dimension with Cable on their heels. 
The Pacrat, severly damaged by the intrusion, plunges groundward, then abruptly rights itself.  Puzzled, the team reaches the cockpit to find Longshot casually sitting at the controls.

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