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Continued from Spider-Man #16. Spider-Man, Shatterstar, Feral, and Warpath battle the Juggernaut. With team work, X-Force and Spider-Man finally hurt and slow down the Juggernaut. Black Tom and Cable are at a stand off and Cable shoots Black Tom several times. Deadpool teleports Black Tom and Juggy away to his boss and X-Force leaves as SHIELD shows up.

Notes: A pinup by Mike Mignola is included after the story. Also, this issue is a special sideways issue.


One of the towers of the World Trade Center has just been blown up. Cable is hunting the detanee, Black Tom Cassidy. The rest of X-Force is either looking for survivors or taking on the Juggernaut on the ground. Spider-Man is trying to help, and pastes some web goo in the Juggernauts eyes. That doesn't work; the Juggernaut is strong enough to rip that stuff out. Warpath ends up hurling a fastball special (at Domino's order) and Shatterstar uses his swords to cut through the moorings on the Juggernaut's helmet. Not knowing the effects of Shatterstar's venture, the Juggernaut advances.

Upstairs, Cable looks for Black Tom through all the rubble. The men confront each other and realize that neither is bluffing about killing the other. They begin to shoot, but it's Cable that lands a hit. Black Tom falls into an elevator shaft and asks for the usual good-guy parlay. Cable knows that Black Tom would just be freed in a few months' time and decides to just kill Black Tom instead. After being shot, Black Tom falls. He is caught by Deadpool, however, and is teleported to Tolliver.

Down below, X-Force continues to find a way to stop the Juggernaut. Up above hovers G.W. Bridge. He's spying on the team in hopes of gleaning information on the whereabouts of Cable. As the fight continues, Siryn flies over the Juggernaut and removes his helmet. The magic bonding, it seems, was not strong enough for the craftsmanship of Shatterstar's swords. At this moment, Cable comes out and confronts the giant man. Before the Juggernaut can react, Deadpool appears and teleports the Juggernaut to Tolliver. Seeing that the skirmish is over, Bridge lands and attempts to arrest Cable. Cable simply bodyslides his team away and they head for their home in the mountains, leaving the rubble of the World Trade Center, and Bridge, behind them.

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