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X Force 4

Well, I've gotta say that up to this issue I was very so-so about this run to date.  But I knew that Kyle and Yost were quality writers and, at last, they really pull it out of the fire with this issue, primarily because there is some really impressive emotional depth in the characterization here.  This issue is, to some extent, narrated by X-23 and it's interesting what a bleak and barren place the inside of Laura's head is.  She is clearly emotionally stunted, much more so than Logan, who really lays down the law with her at the beginning of this issue.  Logan is often portrayed as a one dimensional psycho, but I love how Kyle and Yost have made him, in this series, show that he recognises the terrible impact of violence and killing on one's emotional life.  If you don't get past his dressing down of Laura on the third page of this story, let me assure you that that's worth the price of this issue alone.  Despite Logan's words, X-23 is unable to process exactly what he means and this leads to a remarkable confrontation with another character later in the issue, Laura realising that she should not attack.  Laura's lack of insight reminds me somewhat  of someone with autism and it would be interesting if the writers have this in mind with her.  Apart from this, there's some truly stunning artwork from Clayton Crain as we see Warren Worthington being put through the mill.  Keep this up, boys, and you'll have the most essential X book on the market. 


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