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X-Force #4

This is turning out to be a pretty good run. Kyle and Yost have a wonderful knack for writting dark story lines. In this issue, you see alot of X-23s fustration at not being able to understand people. She once again internalizes her anger witch results in self-mutilation.

I really like how Warpath has been evolving. It seams he's having a harder time dealing with his rage lately.

This run makes you question what would happen if the X-men stopped caring for homosapians and focus more on protecting the mutants. All in all, it's a nice change seeing the dark nature of the X-men.


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    Well, I've gotta say that up to this issue I was very so-so about this run to date.  But I knew that Kyle and Yost were quality writers and, at last, they really pull it out of the fire with this issue, primarily because there is some really impressive emotional depth in the characterization here.  This issue is, to some extent, narrated by X-23 and it's interesting what a bleak and barren place the inside of Laura's head is.  She is clearly emotionally stunted, much more so than Logan, who real...

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